Skarf “Oh! Dance” Dance Practice Video

So the people at Alpha Entertainment released a video of Skarf practising the choreography for their debut single “Oh! Dance”.

I must say that this version of the choreography is nicer and I’m not sure why they changed it to whatever it is now in the music video. (Still don’t like the song after repeating the MV and practice video for so many times.)

Also, in this video, because it is a practice session, they looked more relaxed and danced better than in their debut stage performances on the various music shows. That said, this is completely natural and understandable because of nerves. Just so you get an idea of hard it is, 10 years on a stage and I still do get stage fright.

I can also imagine the amount of scrutiny they’re being subjected to as half the group is made up of Singaporeans… and we are all well aware that we aren’t exactly famous and churning out singing and dancing world famous pop stars/idols.

Still, I watch this dance practice video and I am filled with a sense of hope that this would open the doors for more Singaporeans to compete on the pop idol level on the Asia/global level.

And maybe one day, just one day, there will be a SingaPopMenon (Singapore-pop phenomenon geddit?) spreading all over the world. One can hope right?

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