The Script Showcase + Autograph Signing Session in Singapore 2012


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This is interesting. The Script will be doing an autograph signing session on 21 September 2012 at Bugis Junction Square (near the fountain) at 4 pm. The showcase is on 20 September 2012 at 9 pm at Avalon Singapore.

To join the queue for the autograph signing session, you’ll need to get the Singapore edition of their latest album “#3”. Please check in-stores to make sure that you get the right version.

To score invites to the showcase, you need to get the “#3 Fan Pack” version of the album available only at HMV.

That said, I’m not sure if the “#3 Fan Pack” version entitles you to join the autograph queue or not. I’m trying to check on that but it’s best to check in-store with the staff or look out for posters/flyers to see if there are more information… or just wait for a while to see if anyone confirms anything before you buy the album. 🙂

[10 September 2012 | Update]

Ok, I got a tweet response from Sony Music SG which confirms that the “#3 Fan Pack” allows you to join the queue.

However, there is bad news. The showcase is only open to fans who are 18 years old and above. Bummer.

The “#3 Fan Pack” costs $88 and it includes the 2 CD deluxe edition of the album, a pair of ticket to the showcase and a chance to win a meet & greet (with photo) with the band.

[11 September 2012 | update]

Tip off from “aliciaseq” in the comments: “Apparently the Fan Pack only contains 1 ticket not 2 : ((. So to have 2 tickets to go with someone means having to buy TWO of the Fan Packs.” She needs another ticket for her friend so if you have the ticket/know someone who has the ticket but can’t go, please text her (look for her number in the comments below; or ask me and i’ll link you guys up).

Sorry for the earlier misinformation.

[11 September 2012 | update]

Also, I wanna know if you guys think that $88 is worth it for a showcase. Come chat here!

[18 September 2012 | update]

Ok, this is very interesting, I’ve had a couple of people asking me if there is an age limit to the autograph session and if there is a ticket required for it.

As far as I know, there usually isn’t an age limit to autograph sessions that takes place in a mall.

Also, just having the correct version of the album (Singapore Deluxe version of #3 available at HMV) will allow you to join the queue. No additional ticket required for the autograph session as well.

Finally, from experience, signings are usually an hour so they’ll sign as many as they can in an hour (if they didn’t say that the artist will sign <a number> of albums). So if you guys are going on stage, please cooperate and move quickly to give people behind you in the queue a chance to get their albums signed.

PS: Just got a note from Sony Music Singapore that they have an event page so you can check the detailed terms and conditions for all The Script events here.

I hope this helps. 🙂

8 thoughts on “The Script Showcase + Autograph Signing Session in Singapore 2012

  1. Hey — I just checked out HMV website re the exclusive The Script showcase. Apparently the Fan Pack only contains 1 ticket not 2 : ((. So to have 2 tickets to go with someone means having to buy TWO of the Fan Packs.
    Anyone has the ticket but unable to attend please txt me 91887423. Thanks!

  2. Hi, anyone wants to sell 2 tickets to The Script showcase? Am willing to pay top dollar. Please contact me at 97685337. Thanks!

    1. We purchased 2 fan packs from HMV 313somerset yesterday. They had a top-up from their supplier – worth a call!

  3. i so wanna welcome the script today!! does anyone know what time they arrive, which terminal etc in singapore? :)))

  4. HI! Anyone who has a ticket but can’t go, just drop me a message or call. I’d pay for it, please call 97261650! 🙂

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