2012 MTV Video Music Awards Live Screening by MTV Asia

Once again, I went for the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards live screening organized by the cool people at MTV Asia for members of the various media organizations and bloggers.

Such screenings are always fun. It’s great to catch up with other bloggers and media folks or just get to know new ones.

This time around, the screening was held at Harry’s Bar @ Boat Quay. The awards starts at 8 am so it sure was very weird to be walking into a bar at that time. Lol. Was talking to  VJ Rich and we agreed that it was more normal to walk OUT of a bar at 8 am (after spending the whole night in one).

Also, check out what is in the goodie bag:

I like how it always has a notebook in the bag. Hehe. The notebook by MTV/MTV Asia is always very nice. (I know because I have a lot of them from over the years.)

VJ Rich
VJ Rich

Also, chatting with VJ Rich he revealed that the Gangnam Style video he made with Holly will premiere on The MTV Show at 1 pm (SG) on 8 September 2012 right after the MTV Sessions with Kyle Patrick broadcast  at noon (SG).

VJ Rich Gangnam Style preview
VJ Rich Gangnam Style preview

Can’t wait!! Hehehe.

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