Awkward. Season 2

YAY! The MTV series Awkward is back with Season 2 that will premiere on MTV Asia on 16 Setpember 2012 at 10.30 pm (SG) / 11.30pm (MY). Repeats are on at 3.30 pm (SG) / 4.30 pm (MY).

I enjoyed Season 1 of Awkward a lot. It was hilarious and Molly Tarlov did such a great job of being such a major bitch as Sadie Saxton that I actually really wanted to slap her.

Season 1 ended with Jenna choosing Jake over Matty and how Jenna found out that the letter was actually written by her very own mother.

Season 2 picks up where it ended and we see Jenna examine and evaluate her relationships with her family, friends and Jake + Matty with lots of drama and antics from Sadie, Tamara and Ming. I have watched some of Season 2 and I love it!

Season 2 of Awkward is done with the same wit and humour as Season 1. And if you didn’t watch Season 1, I’d recommend that you do so.

MTV Asia is doing a Season 1 Marathon Special on 15 September 2012 at 2 pm & midnight (SG) / 3 pm (MY). There is another marathon on 16 September 2012 at 2 pm (SG) / 1 am & 3 pm (MY). So you’ll be up to speed when Season 2 of Awkward premieres.

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