YOUR OPINIONS WANTED: Getting Entry into a Showcase

As most of you guys already know, The Script will be playing a showcase in Singapore on 20 September 2012 at Avalon Singapore. However, the catch is, you need to buy the 2CD deluxe version of the album which costs $88 and it only has ONE ticket.

When I found out about the ticket price, I was like, “whooaaa…”. It is only a showcase and it feels like a Kpop fan meet or something like that. $88 is already about the price of a concert ticket in the nosebleeds/balcony in the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

If you didn’t know, it is the norm for Kpop/Mando-pop artists to charge around $68 – 168 for a ticket for a fan meet and/or an autograph/hi-5/handshake session. In the fan meet, the artist will do 3 ~ 6 songs on average, talk crap and play games with the fans for about an hour or so depending on the artist/organizer.

Thing is, as far as I know, this is the first time an English artist is doing a showcase at such a price to gain entry to a showcase. For all the showcase of English artists I’ve been to in Singapore, the most expensive was the Il Volo one where the GOLD CD version of the album was $29.95. The rest of them were either by just buying the normal CD ($ 19.95 ~ 24.95) or winning passes from this or that contest. (Yes, I do buy CDs to enter showcases like the rest of you. I don’t magically get passes to all the showcases just so you know…)

I know that it costs money to bring artists in for showcases/promotional activities and someone has got to pay for it but the question is, is $88 for a showcase worth it? I don’t really think it is worth it (which is also why I’ve never bothered to attend any of those Kpop/Mando pop stuff if I had to pay that kind of prices).

Anyway, for the sake of discussion, let’s assume the showcase is 45 minutes with 5 songs for an International (English language) artist. In between, there is an interview and/or some fan interaction games. How much would you pay to attend a showcase?

Also, what is your preferred way to get entry into a showcase? I wanna know what you guys think coz I’m really curious if I’m the only one who thinks that $88 for a showcase is too much.

Comment away. Go!

PS: For all the $$ mentioned in this entry is Singapore dollars.

[11 September 2012 | Update]

I forgot to add that this is not just for people in Singapore. It’s for everyone! Please add your city and/or country in your comment as well. I’m pretty sure the people I know in Universal Music and Warner would be very interested to know what you guys think. 😉

2 thoughts on “YOUR OPINIONS WANTED: Getting Entry into a Showcase

  1. May (Singapore)
    You’re right. It is a bit much actually. I wouldn’t mind per say if it was a pair of tickets but this is only one. It is a showcase and not a concert so even if it is a matter of loyalty to a band I wouldn’t fork out that much to go see them. I don’t know if the lads know about this or its just based on popularity and renting of venue sake. I mean sorry,I might have travelled to Melbourne & Sydney to catch them perform but at least all I had to do was pay the cover charge to enter.
    Love them to bits but it is a high price to pay to watch a showcase.

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