Eason Chan Live in Singapore 2012

Well most of you guys know that I don’t really care/post about Chinese concerts unless I like the artist but this Eason Chan one is quite an exception. In fact, I actually don’t know much about Eason Chan’s music really (I just know who he is).

I saw the articles about Eason Chan’s DUO concert in Singapore a week or two ago but I didn’t bother to look at it. Then today, I was looking at the Marina Bay Sands website and then I saw that the Eason Chan concert is actually going to be held at the Event Plaza… which if I’m not mistaken, is where they have the water/fountain show thing at 9 pm at night (near the Chanel shop).

I was surprised. I remember reading that the place can be configured for performances facing the water or facing the shops but so far, there hasn’t been a proper concert per se done at that place. This would be a first.

Looking at the seating plan, the audience should be facing the water so I can imagine that the stage backdrop against our CBD skyline in the lights would be pretty spectacular.

I’m really curious as to how this concert is going to work out in terms of sound and logistics since that area is not really that big.

If anyone is going, I’d be pretty interested to hear your experience.

So here are the usual concert details:

20 + 21 October 2012 at the Marina Bay Sands Event Plaza (where they have the water fountain show near the Chanel shop) at 8 pm. Doors open at 6.30 pm. This is an outdoor venue so it is a rain or shine event. Please be prepared.

Tickets are priced at $285 (VIP), $215 (A Reserve), $165 (B Reserve), $105 (C Reserve) and $85 (D + E Reserve, standing). There is also a note that for D + E Reserves, there might be areas where you’ll be blocked so if you are going there, you might want to go earlier.

Finally, all prices are in Singapore dollars and do not include the $3 Sistic fee. You can click here to get tickets for this concert.

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