Introducing: Kaya Jones

Kaya Jones is not a name that you would be familiar with but the name Pussycat Doll would. Kaya Jones was actually part of the line up of the Pussycat Dolls which made an appearance and performed in the 2004 MTV Asia Awards in Singapore!

I was handed her album “Confessions of a Hollywood Doll” to sample and like all new albums I get a hold of, I listen to it once through and see what sticks. I work on first impressions.

While there isn’t any groundbreaking tracks in the album I must say that the track “Boyfriend” definitely stood out for its fun tune and witty lyrics. Apparently, this song is quite popular among the LGBT pride events.

Kaya Jones herself is a supporter of “Equality” and the LGBT community. I’d love to share the song with you guys but I can’t find a version on youtube/wherever to embed here. The official video on YouTube is actually a remix and I didn’t like it (I don’t usually like remixes anyway).

Overall, I’d say that “Confessions of a Hollywood Doll” is your average electro-pop club dance album. Actually, I’m not sure why Kaya Jones felt the need to put 16 tracks on the album. The first 6 – 8 songs are actually pretty good but as I went through the album, it started to fizzle out. In fact, the last couple of tracks are actually quite forgettable (and yes, I have forgotten about them). I thought that she should omit some tracks to release a tighter sounding album.

Anyway, you can sample some of her better tracks here:

What do you think about her music?

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