Super Junior M Super Asia Showcase in Malaysia 2012

I found out a couple of days ago that Super Junior M is doing an exclusive showcase in Malaysia on 11 December 2012 at Kenanga Wholesale City (Kuala Lumpur), Level 15 at 8 pm.


I love Super Junior M!! They are the most successful sub-unit of Super Junior and they sing Chinese songs (originals, covers and mandarin versions of some of the Korean Super Junior hits).

I would love, love, love, love to watch Super Junior M only because the whole thing would be conducted in Mandarin and my Super Junior boys will be speaking in as much Mandarin as they can… so it’s like watching Super Junior  and actually understanding them without a need for translation.

I was telling a Malaysian ELF that I was jealous and she was like, “Come to Malaysia”. It’s easy to say that… but I don’t even know where the place is. I went to the 2011 MTV World  Stage in Shah Alam and the logistics to get there and back didn’t go very well. LOL. Not planning to attempt a stunt like the 2011 MTV World Stage again any time soon.

Le sigh.

I will continue to pray that Super Junior M will hold some activities in Singapore and not just appear during Super Show or some other K pop music extravaganza event.

[12 October 2012 | update]

Oh, EXO-M and BtoB (Born to Beat) will also be performing at this showcase.

In case there is anyone who is interested, tickets are priced as follows:

Upper Zone – RM 183 (free standing) + showcase poster + 1 showcase merchandise
Pit Zone – RM 283 (free standing) + showcase poster + 1 showcase merchandise
Super Zone – RM 383 (free standing) + showcase poster + 1 showcase merchandise
VIP – RM 600 (numbered seating) + showcase poster + 3 showcase merchandise

NOTE: The above prices are in Malaysian Ringgit and includes the RM 3.00 TicketCharge fee.

There is a presale happening on 14 October 2012 at Kenanga Wholesale City, Level LG, Centre Court from 12.00 noon until 6.00 pm. Tickets will be available nationwide via TicketCharge outlets, hotline and website from 15 October 2012 (midnight) on wards.

There is also a strictly no cameras (DSLR or compact) allowed to this event. I really hate SM Ent for this idiotic policy.

You can check with the link provided above to see what are the merchandise available and how to redeem it at a later date. (They didn’t indicate when they will release the information.)

4 thoughts on “Super Junior M Super Asia Showcase in Malaysia 2012

  1. I wanna go.. i not sure exactly where exactly the place is but dont seem too diff to find.. i went to kl a couple of times, actually quite easy to explore.. i also singaporean, dying to go their concert.. lol.. the only problem for me is how to get the tickets? Lol.. how abt smtown u going? At marina floating platform, i not sure tickets still available, but i am sure it will be a great concert!

    1. i am going to SMTownSG. 🙂 i think there are still CAT 5 & 6 tixs available (limited though). I’m quite sure SJM will perform at SMTownSG… i saw Henry and Zhoumi during “Perfection” in the SMTownJKT fancams and photos. They also came during SS4.

      the shopping parts of KL are easy to explore and this venue doesn’t look like it is near any LRT/train station… furthermore, there is EXO-M + BtoB so how much stage time of our SJM will we actually get. 🙁

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