Sundown Festival 2012!

Sundown Festival is back! It happens on 1 December 2012 at the Marina Promenade, near where the F1 Pit Building is. Starts at 5.30 pm and will go on for about 5 hours (and possibly a bit more due to stage changes) so come well rested. There’s food sold inside but I can’t remember if they were ATMs so bring enough cash too.

The artist announced so far are: Alice Nine (Japan), BTOB (South Korea), Anthony Neely (Taiwan) and Liu Li Yang (China). There will be an artist from Hong Kong which they will announce at a later date.

Tickets are priced as follows:

  • Cat 1 (Moshpit A) – $158
  • Cat 2 (Moshpit B) – $158
  • Cat 3 (Block C) – $118
  • Cat 4 (Block T1&T2) – $118
  • Cat 5 (Walkabout) – $88

There is a 10% discount for all categories for PAssion card holders.

Here is the seating plan for this event:

Also, remember to bring an umbrella y’all. This is an open air rain or shine event. It was raining quite heavily last year at the start of the event…

Finally, here is the link to the Sistic page to buy tickets to this concert.

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