Interview with Greyson Chance

I sat down with Greyson Chance and other media people for a 12 minutes or so round table interview session when he was in town recently for the taping of MTV Sessions to be premiered on 1 December 2012 at 6.00 pm (SG/HK/PH) on MTV Asia.

My has Greyson Chance grown up! When I met him last year, he was a totally adorable kid. This time around, he has grown so much taller and his voice has already broken (though I don’t know if it has fully broken yet). He is still adorable and still exudes a boyish charm and innocence throughout the interview.

From the interview, I can say that I really like Greyson’s enthusiasm, conviction and passion for what he is doing. In fact, the way he talked about his music and stage reminded me a little of Lady Gaga (who is one of his inspiration). He is only 15 and yet he knew exactly what he wanted to do on stage and what kind of musical sound and direction he wanted.

However, Greyson also did say during the interview that because he is only 15. He does feel people don’t take him seriously enough as an artist because they think he is only 15 and therefore can be told what to do. To that, Greyson says, “I am an artist and I’m going to do it, with or without you. So you can either join me or go somewhere else.” ATTA BOY!

Still, you can sense that despite his achievements, Greyson Chance is still a regular teenager. So I asked him if he had any free time and what does he do when he had free time. His response surprised me actually. He was like, “This might sound kinda weird but I don’t want to have free time!” LOL. He then added that if he had too much free time, it meant that his records were not selling. Good point. 🙂

Greyson does get to do regular stuff like hang out with his family and friends and watch tv and stuff so don’t worry about him pushing too hard and exhausting himself. And just so you know, he doesn’t play video games. Furthermore, his mum goes on tour with him so you can be sure that she is keeping an eye on him. Not that I think he needs to be supervised in any way; he’s such an angel!

Then someone asked who would he like to collaborate with and Greyson said, “Ellie Goulding”. It lead to a question if he would do electronic dance pop music like Lady Gaga and I just had to add, “oh you know, like a dance video or something.” and Greyson gave me an incredulous look and said, “I hope you are kidding!” Hahaha.

LOL. Very true to himself is what Greyson Chance says he is. So given how he has written all the songs on his “Truth Be Told Part 1” EP, it is reflective of who is as a person and artist at this point in time. I have listened to the EP and after the chat with him, I have to agree; it is pretty representative of Greyson Chance as an artist and a person.

Don’t forget to tune in to MTV Sessions premiering on MTV Asia on 1 December 2012, 6.00 pm (SG/PH/HK) to watch Greyson Chance perform songs from the “Truth Be Told Part 1” EP and more!

Here are the rest of the photos that turned out well from the interview session:

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