2NE1 “All Or Nothing” World Tour Singapore 2014 Post Mortem

2NE1 "All Or Nothing"
2NE1 “All Or Nothing”

I like 2NE1 and how they are not typical kpop idols in the cookie-cutter industry. 2NE1 has the style, edge and street-cred that no other girl groups in kpop has. I also like how 2NE1 (except Sandara Park) are not stick thin. These girls are keeping it real man.

This is my first time seeing 2NE1 perform live and I must say that they live up to all my expectations that I have of them. They are AWESOME!! CL is no doubt da BOMB!

CL "All Or Nothing"
CL “All Or Nothing”

When the lights went off at 7.10 pm, the 2NE1 girls kicked off the concert with the title track from their latest album “Crush”. Oh man! This is one of my favourite songs off that album!

All the kpop groups I have watched (except CN Blue) usually use the minus one track from the album version of the songs performed. However, 2NE1 used a live band version of their minus one track so it gives the concert a very “live music” feel; which is very nice and refreshing in the kpop world.

Also, 2NE1 repeated songs in their setlist; different version of course. Another very interesting thing which I don’t see in many other concerts.

2NE1 "All Or Nothing"
2NE1 “All Or Nothing”

However, it was quite interesting how many video (toilet) breaks there are during the concert. They even played a “making the tour” concert video around halfway through the concert. They even played their “Happy” music video at one point during the concert. It was just very weird to me. So many concerts I’ve been to, this is the first time I’ve seen such things. Then again, it could be a filler since “WINNER” didn’t come to Singapore.

Anyway, when the concert “ended” at almost 8.50 pm, the audience started shouting “encore” for a bit and then they started chanting “놀자! Hey hey hey! 놀자!” which was super cool!! “놀자” means “let’s hang” and it’s a lyric from the opening song “Crush”.

When the concert finally ended for real at 9.10 pm, I was quite impressed. Such great time management. It is not easy to have a concert end on time; it’s always under or over-run. Very rarely a concert does what it is supposed to/is managed such that it ends on the dot. Amazing!

Anyway, here is the setlist. I hope I got the songs right since I’m not really that familiar with all their songs.

  1. Crush
  2. Fire
  3. 박수 쳐 (Clap Your Hands)
  4. Pretty Boy
  5. Don’t Stop The Music
  6. 그리워해요 (Missing You)
  7. 살아 봤으면 해 (If I Were You)
  8. Come Back Home (acoustic)
  9. Ugly (stripped down)
  10. I Love You
  11. Come Back Home (Original)
  12. 너 아님 안돼 (Gotta Be You)
  13. Do You Love Me
  14. CL Solo: 나쁜 기집애 (The Baddest Female)/ 멘붕 (MTBD)
  15. Scream
  16. 내가 제일 잘나가 (I Am The Best)
  17. I Don’t Care (rock version)
  18. Go Away
  19. ENCORE: Lonely
  20. ENCORE: 너 아님 안돼 (Gotta Be You)
  21. ENCORE: Can’t Nobody

Finally, here are some of the photos that turned out well in my attempt to get some photos to supplement this concert post-mortem blog post. Enjoy!

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