Introducing: Jeronimo

I was pleasantly surprised with what I heard on this album really. Must say that I like what I heard. It is full of bright and summer beach party pop tunes. Then again, it is not surprising given how Jeronimo is of Brazilian origin. (He is based in The Netherlands/Holland now.)

Apart from “It’s a Fun Thing” which sounds a little too kiddy for me, the rest of the album is pure sensible pop. There are quite a couple of tracks on the album which reminds of High School Musical. So if you like High School Musical (which I do) you’d like Jeronimo too.

Check out the music videos of some the songs off this album from the hottie:

Also, check out this sweet ballad called “Firefly” off the album. It is from the movie “My Dad’s a Detective – The Battle” which Jeronimo stars in as well:

What do you think of Jeronimo and his music? Yay? Nay?

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