SHINee World II Flight Arrival Information

The SHINee boys are arriving on SQ609 at about 10.15 pm from Seoul.

It usually lands at Terminal 3 but it would be best to check on the about 2 hours before the flight arrival on exactly which terminal and belt it will be.

Finally, for those of you who are planning to head down to the airport, please take care, be safe and don’t push. Do not run on the road after the van and do not lean on the van or bang on the windows of the van.

The whole point is to have fun and scaring the boys (and their management + organizers) by threatening ANYONE’s safety is not fun. It is just stupid and ruins things for everyone.

3 thoughts on “SHINee World II Flight Arrival Information

  1. Hi! Do you know the flight details for kim Jong Kook arrival in singapore? Please do tell! I am a big fan of his and would love to welcome him at the airport upon his arrival in s’pore!!

    1. i’ll post the flight details if i find it… it usually is only announced the day before he arrives…

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