James Blunt arrival in Singapore

James Blunt has just touched down in Singapore.

Oh my god I’m still shaking! He is so fast and good at ducking from fans! OMG!!! Still in shock.

Anyway, here are the quick photos:

The full res photos and more details when I get home and stop shaking…

Here are the better res photos from this afternoon:

James Blunt
autographed James Blunt album
autographed James Blunt album

Seriously, James Blunt is the most stressful stalk by far this year! The moment he saw us, he started walking really quickly and started ducking around to try to out-walk us. We did managed to catch up with him of course.

James Blunt signed and obliged to photos with us though he was obviously very concerned about getting mobbed. He was pretty good natured and actually apologized for being distracted as he wanted to make sure that his luggage wasn’t misplaced. Kinda odd but well, to each their own.

As James Blunt was about to leave,  Manfred realised that James Blunt was still holding on to his marker and Manfred actually went, “JAMES! YOU ARE STILL HOLDING MY MARKER! CAN I HAVE IT BACK?” LOL. Manfred was quite literally yelling at him (only because there was some distance between us).

James Blunt had the “Oh! Right!” face as he grinning and tossed the marker back to Manfred. It was quite funny really.

After James Blunt left, Manfred, Daniel and I realised that all of us were having a tension headache on top of the shaking from our fear/anxiety/excitement from the whole episode.

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