Kim Jong Kook Live in Singapore 2013

Whoo!! Kim Jong Kook!! SPARTA!! LOL. 😀

Honestly, I know Kim Jong Kook as the beefy guy on Running Man more than the fact that he is actually a singer who was casted in the variety show. Haha. I’m a fan of Kim Jong Kook on Running Man (there are others too).

Still, it is very interesting to hear that Kim Jong Kook is coming to Singapore for a fan meeting on 22 February 2013, 8 pm at the Kallang Theatre.

There is an autograph session on 23 February 2013, 3 pm at IMM as well.

Ticketing details for the fan meeting is not out yet and details to join the queue for the autograph session is also not out yet.

Not sure if I can make it at this point but I would love to see Kim Jong Kook in person. We’ll see.

7 thoughts on “Kim Jong Kook Live in Singapore 2013

  1. I read somewhere online that the photo session that cost an extra $60-70 is in random groups of 8 and you pick a # as far as where you are in the picture. Is that true? For $140-180 that is ridiculous!

    1. the photograph pass is $68 and the autograph pass is $48. you can only choose to get a photo or autograph pass on top of whatever priced ticket you have bought for the fanmeet.

      totally agree that it is is ridiculously expensive… which is why i don’t attend fanmeets/fansigns for kpop artists. bloody outrageous.

      1. If I pay that much, I should at least get a solo pic with the guy. I read he sits in the middle and you draw a # out of 8 and u either get to sit next to him, stand behind him or sit on the floor in front of him. what kind of crap is that? haha!

        I haven’t really gone autograph/photo hunting in Singapore since I’ve been here for a year, but it seems you are the expert here. I notice at these airport arrival/departure videos there aren’t really a lot of people waiting and yet these semi-popular K-pop/J-pop groups don’t stop to sign one thing. Is it a waste of time to “stalk” them when they go to the hotel or shopping? In the States they usually stop at least once to sign a couple of things.

      2. it really depends on the artist. especially if they have been told beforehand to not sign/stop, then it is not worth the effort. i’ve never tried with kpop in SG but i once asked se7en at an event and he didn’t want to sign. he just shook hands instead.

      3. I’m from America. My ethnicity is Korean. I notice the Japanese are controlled like robots because of their creepy stalker fans but damn, if there aren’t that many people at the airport, sign an autograph. Micheal Jackson is a billion times more famous than any of these acts and he always stopped to sign a lot of autographs.

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