Twin Towers @live 2013 in Kuala Lumpur

So the Twin Towers @live concert is happening again Kuala Lumpur this year on 22 and 23 March 2013, in line with the F1 weekend in Malaysia.

The line up this year looks pretty good:

  • Backstreet Boys
  • Demi Lovato
  • IU
  • U-Kiss
  • Atillia
  • K-Town Clan
  • Mizz Nina
  • Caprice
  • DJ Face Da Fader
  • DJ Tatsuro

I went up to Kuala Lumpur last year with the intention to catch F1 Rocks but it got replaced with Twin Towers @live instead. I even bothered to head up to KL was because I wanted to watch Kylie and Kelis. However, because of the last minute even change, Kylie cancelled but I’ve already got everything booked so I just went to KL anyway to watch Kelis, Nicole Scherzinger and Girls’ Generation/SNSD.

If anyone of you are planning to head down to the Petronas Tower for this event, my advice is GO EARLY. Even when they say that the event is free, you can’t really see shit from outside the fan zone. You will mostly just be watching the concert from the screens they put around the whole Twin Towers compound.

Also, because of the huge crowd, people end up standing on the road so please be very careful. Bring water and be careful of of your belongings.

Coz it was such a last minute change last year, I didn’t know how to get tickets to the fan zone area and my trips was such a mess really. Fortunately, I got to meet Orianthi and Kelis when I was there so it sort of made up for everything that didn’t go well.

So this year, I managed to find out how one can get tickets to the fan zone:

  • purchases of RM150 worth of selected merchandise entitle a buyer to 1 (one) FanZone ticket voucher; while purchases of RM300 or more entitles a buyer to 2 (two) Fanzone ticket vouchers. Vouchers can be redeemed at the 2013 PETRONAS Malaysia Grand Prix showcase at Suria KLCC from 16th March 2013. * Terms and conditions apply.
  • Fans can also look out for more Fanzone ticket giveaways for both days via radio, print and online channels in the month of March 2013.

Unfortunately, all contests are only open to Residents of Malaysia so for those of you who are planning to travel to KL for this, get a friend to help you win tickets. And know that tickets are FREE so don’t do dumb things like buy it off the black market/touts on site for a few hundred Ringgit. Don’t spoil market okay?

4 thoughts on “Twin Towers @live 2013 in Kuala Lumpur

  1. dude..what are the selected merchandise? and how do I get them??..sorry, can’t find any info on these..

    1. yeah I can’t find anything also. but from what i saw last year, the merchandise are F1 related… so it’s like driver’s shirt, caps, key chains. and obviously, only the mercedes GP team stuff is available. the merchandise SHOULD be at part where main atrium with the 2 lifts… walk into the shopping mall, you can’t miss it.

    1. yeah. it is smack in the middle of town. and of coz, you need to stay alert for pickpockets, rowdy/drunk people… the usual concert dos and don’ts

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