Lawson Showcase in Singapore 2013 Post Mortem

I must admit that it could be perhaps of all the Kpop (Super Junior to be specific) I’ve indulged in of late, I felt a little out of it at the Lawson showcase. Still, I did enjoy the showcase performance overall.

Lawson Showcase in Singapore (2013)
Lawson Showcase in Singapore (2013)

Lawson is the kind of band who sounds so much better live than on the CD. Also, it does kinda annoy me how people are presenting them as a boy band simply because they are young. Seriously. NO. Stop trying to push them as a boy band to capture the hearts of them teenage girls. They are NOTHING like a boy band (who plays instruments). Please give them more credit as a pop/rock band.

I must say that I’m especially impressed by the drummer, Andy Pitts. He has got some strength! His beats are so hard and strong! That said, I hope the next Lawson album comes with rockier/edgier sound that plays on the strength that Andy has on the drums.

I arrived a little late at the showcase, so I didn’t know how many songs has happened by the time I got into the venue. Therefore, I didn’t bother to track the setlist. If anyone has it and wants to share, do let me know. 🙂

Finally, your favourite part: the photos I took at the showcase. Enjoy!

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