CN Blue World Tour: Blue Moon Singapore Press Conference 2013

Earlier this afternoon, I went to the CN Blue press conference for their Blue Moon World Tour 2013. I arrived later than I wanted to be and the room was already pretty crowded.

CN Blue in Singapore - Press Conference

Also, contrary to popular belief, I do not just love Super Junior in Kpop; I like CN Blue and 2NE1 as well. It’s just that I like CN Blue and 2NE1 as musicians and I love Super Junior as entertainers.

So honestly, I was really excited to see CN Blue in person at such proximity. I have always known (from stalking experiences) that some artists are more photoshopped than others. I must say that CN Blue isn’t photoshopped much at all. And Yonghwa looks EXACTLY like what you see on the album covers. I definitely think that he is very handsome as well.

CN Blue in Singapore - Press Conference

The press conference was pretty short; about 30 minutes. In all, only about 10 or less questions were asked and out of it, only 5 came from the floor.

It was very interesting because being a fan, out of all the questions asked, I was only interested in the answer to the question of 1. “are there anything special prepared for the Singapore concert?” and 2., if Yonghwa will write a song for another artist.

Answer to 1: No. They are really playing instruments and they also are not sing & dance type of group so they won’t be changing their standing positions and they are just focusing on the music. (You can hear the answer in detail in the video below.)

Answer to 2: Yonghwa would like to but it hasn’t happened yet. When it does happen, the style would probably be different from CN Blue and it will depend on the artist that he is going to work with/write for.

I would actually love to hear what other styles of music Yonghwa can and will create if he ever writes for other artists. I think he is a really talented guy and I wish it was possible for him to just focus on music and not have to do other stuff like dramas to survive as an artist and entertainer in the Hallyu world.

As for the other questions around what their management told them to do or not to do, or what do they think of Singapore etc, it is a media rehearsed/PR answer. For many other questions, it has already been asked by interviewers in other countries so the fans will already know the answer. Still, I guess those questions still needs to be asked coz not everyone in in the room is a fan.

That said, CN Blue would like all BOICEs to scream, jump, sing and have fun at the concert tomorrow. (Especially to those in the mosh pit: PLEASE be carefully and not hurt yourself/get others hurt.) I know I’m definitely planning to scream a lot so I do apologize if you are sitting near me. I am in block 217.

So here is a portion of the press conference where the MC was telling the guys of CN Blue to speak Singlish at the concert tomorrow. Check it out:

NOTE: I didn’t think the translator is very good so if you want to make subs for this video, do let me know so I can update my video with your subs.

It is quite funny and I think if the CN Blue boys really speak in Singlish at the concert tomorrow with whatever little English that they know, it will be a very entertaining concert.

And finally, the part that I know most of you guys like a lot: the photos. Enjoy!

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