U-Kiss Collage Tour in Singapore 2013 Post Mortem

This guest post is by @DongHo_Princess and here is her account of what went down during the U-Kiss Collage Tour 2013 in Singapore:

My favourite Kpop group U-Kiss was in Singapore recently for their Collage Tour Concert which was held at The Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel (RWS) on 20 April 2013.

U-Kiss in Singapore 2013

Being a huge fan, I bought the most expensive tickets without hesitation and without looking at the floor plan. However, I thought I had made a huge mistake with my hasty purchase as the VVIP tickets holders would stand on a platform at the side (ie only get a side view) unlike the VIP tickets.

Fortunately (for me and other VVIPs), JigAsia Entertainment made some changes to the layout subsequently so we can get access to the first lane (front row standing) and back to the standing platform for some refreshments.

I arrived at the venue around 3.30 pm and there was already a queue formed. The queue was very orderly manner and the VVIP/VIP were separated from the Moshpit tickets holders.

UKISSME.SG was giving out some fan-support banners and some of the admins also printed out individual banners for Kevin and KiSeop fans. KUDOS to our fanbase! I really appreciate all the time and effort put in by the admins.  Shame there weren’t any for DongHo though… maybe next time I should print some. 🙂

Fan Meet:

I was surprised that this was held indoor because the two previous U-Kiss autograph sessions were held outdoor. The boys would then perform a song or two and the MCs would have a mini interview with them.

This time around, there were no performances or interviews or MCs. It’s straight to the point; we were lead, in groups of 10, into the room where the boys were waiting for us.

What I like about it:

There were no screaming fans, no pushy bodyguards and basically you can interact with the boys and pass them your gifts to them personally. I give JigAsia Entertainment double thumbs up for this.

What I didn’t like about it:

Unlike other autograph sessions, taking photos of the boys was not allowed so it was quite a downer. Oh and at the last minute, they changed the conditions of the autograph session.

We were supposed to bring an item for the boys to sign and I was really looking forward to get my U-Kiss Collage album signed but on that day itself, they only allowed the concert tickets to be signed.


The whole stage setting was great; it wasn’t too high and the lighting wasn’t blinding but honestly, I was quite worried about the T-stage. Should I find a spot at the side or the centre? Are they going to make full use of the whole stage or just be at the main stage? I decide to secure a spot in the centre and wasn’t disappointed at all.

U-Kiss in Singapore 2013

U-Kiss fan service were awesome! They interacted with the fans on both sides of the stage and the front. We were definitely struck senseless by the electric vibes sent out through their gestures and eye contact. And towards the end of the concert, our Leader SooHyun even jumped off the stage to get even closer with the fans!


Our boys performed about 15 songs in total and my favourite performance that night was “Someday”. That song means a lot to me and that I get to see it performed live in Singapore, made it even more meaningful to me. It’s a pity they did not perform “Party All The Time” and “My Reason” from their new album. I really wanted to see it live~

The boys did “gwiyomi”  as well!! As much as I wanted to be biased and say that I love DongHo’s gwiyomi the best, it actually is KiSeop’s sexy gwiyomi, AJ’s shy gwiyomi and Hoon’s muscle gwiyomi which captured my attention.

U-Kiss announced during the performance that a lucky fan boy/girl will be picked to go on stage and the crowd just went wild! Needless to say, I was one of them and I was jumping up and down even though I’m wearing my heels! Crazy I know! But I really wanted it so badly.

I’ve never been lucky with this sort of things so when SooHyun pointed at me, I was like “Me? Me, me, me?”  “YES! The one with the glasses.” I couldn’t believe my luck!!

When I went up on stage, I was really nervous and trembling but AJ took me by the hand and calmed me down. They asked me who was my favourite member and what do I want from him?

I couldn’t believe my ears! Seriously! Kevin said I could ask my favourite member for a hug or a kiss or anything! Now that I think about it, I should have answered that I want to bring my bias home and see how Kevin would react to that! LOL! Then again, at that point, I was so nervous and I could barely move, let alone make a joke.

One of my resolutions for 2013 is to get a picture with DongHo so that was what I asked for. I changed my mind after a while because I felt that I’m being a little too biased and should have considered the feelings of the other boys as well.

U-Kiss in Singapore 2013

I thought SooHyun was really sweet when he suggested another gift for me; ie, a towel filled with their ‘love’ I would say (urm, sweat really). Lol. While others might find it disgusting, I think SooHyun was just trying to create a great memory for me to remember them by.

No doubt that when I have grandchildren in the future, I can look back and show my grandchildren these photos and tell them that dreams do come true!

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  1. wooooaaa lucky girl .. @dongho_princess
    who is the most friendly when u go to the stage ?
    its better lah than in indonesia T^T

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