HP YouTube Fan Fest 2013 in Singapore Day 2 Press Conference

Present in the Day 2 press conference for the HP YouTube Fan Fest were Joseph Vincent, The Viral Fever, Eat Your Kimchi, Boyce Avenue, GAC, Dome Pakorn Lam and Little Boots.

The second day of YouTube Fan Fest is way more crowded than the first. I suspected that everyone was really there to see Eat Your Kimchi and Boyce Avenue. For me, it was mostly there to see Little Boots.

So like the previous day, they were split into 2 groups and Dominic Lau was the moderator for both sessions. Also, because of the bigger media audience, the atmosphere was more tense than the first day’s.

However, interestingly, when Dominic Lau opened the questions to the floor, nobody wanted to ask the first question. Lol… In the end, I stopped typing my tweet and raised my hand.

So I started it all off and asked, “You guys make fun of a lot of the kpop stuff in your videos, so how do your subjects of the video respond/react to that? Do they actually contact you/confront you about the things you said in the videos?”

Simon then asked who is “they” that I was referring to, the viewers, labels or the kpop idols. I wanted to know what the labels and kpop idols think of coz! 🙂

So it turns out that the younger executives in the labels are cool with it and so are most of the kpop idols. And while some Beauties/B2ties are not happy with the way Eat Your Kimchi refer to Beast/B2st as “Btwost”, Cube Entertainment actually finds it very funny. Hahaha. So there you go.

And Eat Your Kimchi has also revealed that some kpop idols have also confessed to them privately that when Eat Your Kimchi made fun of their song/dance in the video, they actually agree and hated their own song/dance as well but Eat Your Kimchi didn’t want to mention any names. Dammit!

There’s more to their response and I do have a video of Eat Your Kimchi’s full reply as well. However, I don’t really have the time to post the video up right now but I’ll probably get to it next week or something.

For the second group of names, I didn’t really have anything to ask them because if I know about them (ie, Little Boots) I don’t have anything else that I want to know about them. And for the rest, I actually don’t know enough about them to ask them anything despite my friends prodding me to ask questions.

Anyway, I do have most of the press conference on video and I’ll work on it after the madness of this week and post it up later. Stalk my blog, Twitter (@jovenatheart) or YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/jovenatheart) to see when it is up.

I must add that Boyce Avenue and Dome Pakorn Lam are very handsome. Hahaha. Boyce Avenue are performing at Music Matters Live and you can check out the details of their performance here.

I shall end off with photos from the press conference. Enjoy!

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