Aerosmith at the Star Social Awards 2013 Press Conference

The band that I was most excited to see: Aerosmith!!! They are frickin legendary and I finally get to see them!! I am in complete awe of their presence really. They ooze of so much coolness even though they are already in their 60s.

Aerosmith at the Social Star Awards 2013 press conference

With a career that spans more than 40 years, they are no doubt amazing given how many bands never make it past 10 years.

As they spoke during the press conference, it was really obvious with Steven Tyler and Joe Perry are the most prominent members of the band. Their attitude is just so rock star.

The highlight of the whole interview for me was how Steven Tyler said, “I get to sit beside J.Lo everyday.” when asked about American Idol. Lol. Aerosmith are one of the bands who lives the “sex, drugs and rock & roll” lifestyle and that remark from Steven Tyler totally just shows how rock & roll his attitude is.


Anyway, here is the full video of the press conference interview.

Here are the photos from the press conference.

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