2CELLOS Live at the Star Theatre 2014 Post Mortem


First up, big thanks to the nice people at Sony Music Singapore for the ticket to watch 2CELLOS. ^^ I really enjoyed the show and 2CELLOS are so bloody brilliant!

2CELLOS are Luka Šulić (Slovenia) and Stjepan Hauser (Croatia) and they play cellos. Duh. It is really interesting to note the number of classically trained musicians doing pop crossover from that part of the world; especially Croatia.

There is no doubt in their technical abilities as musicians. Both of them are top-notch. I was really impressed with Stjepan’s ability to control the “ppp” (pianissimo possibile). If you have ever played a stringed instrument, you will know how hard it is to maintain “pp”, let alone “ppp”. Also, the number of glissandos they did. OMG. That must have really hurt.

Stjepan proved to be quite the comedian through the whole show. His “shameless” self-praise throughout the entire show was really entertaining. I really didn’t see that coming to be honest. Hahahaha.

It was also really nice how they announced just before the show ended that they’d like to meet everyone and that there’ll be a fan sign at the foyer area after the show ended.

When Stjepan made the announcement about the fan sign after the show, he was like, “I don’t know about Luka but I will sign anything… only for the ladies.” Hahaha… what a smooth talker.

2CELLOS autograph
2CELLOS autograph

The 2CELLOS guys were really lovely. 2CELLOS’ drummer guy was there as well and he was also signing at the table. He was introduced but I didn’t catch his name. He is really good in his own right too!

2CELLOS - Luka Šulić
2CELLOS – Luka Šulić
2CELLOS - Stjepan Hauser
2CELLOS – Stjepan Hauser

If you weren’t at the 2CELLOS show, check out what you missed by watching a short instavid of 2CELLOS playing the late Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” and AC/DC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long“.

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