Meeting Jeremy Piven and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith (again) in Singapore 2013

Once again, it was amazing luck that we met Jeremy Piven and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith.

It was after the Star Social Awards and we figured that we’ve already missed the last train  on the circle line that we decided to walk towards the Marina Bay MRT station. We strolled through the Marina Bay Sands Shoppes and at one part we rode the escalator up and as we were going up, I noticed this guy with huge dreadlocks coming down on the other side. (I notice hair a lot.)

I remember looking at the guy’s dreadlocks and as we past each other, I saw the hair of the guy behind him and I gasped!! It was Steven Tyler!!! Steven Fucking Tyler y’all, riding the escalator down in Marina Bay Sands Shoppes with no bodyguard with him!!

There were 4 guys in that group and after I saw Steven Tyler, I look at the guy beside him and I got a shock!! It was Jeremy Piven!!! Both Steven Tyler and Jeremy Piven were just strolling around the Marina Bay Sands Shoppes just like any regular guy.

After 5 seconds, we ran the rest of the way up the escalator and quickly took the escalator down again to catch up with Jeremy Piven and Steven Tyler.

As we have already gotten Steven Tyler’s autograph the day before, we called out to Jeremy Piven. He was totally nice and cool about signing an autograph for us and taking pictures with us.

Jeremy Piven
Jeremy Piven
Jeremy Piven's autograph
Jeremy Piven’s autograph

However, while @PopCultureBoy was helping me to take a photo with Jeremy Piven, that fanboy’s hand was shaking so badly that Steven Tyler actually grabbed his hand to try to steady him. Lol. (Now it is my turn to laugh at @PopCultureBoy after him laughing at me so many times for spazzing.) Jeremy Piven was also very amused by @PopCultureBoy and he looked at me and gave me a squeeze on the shoulder since I was still standing with him.

I can’t remember what Steven Tyler said to @PopCultureBoy because I was quite starstruck and blank too. Lol… I think @PopCultureBoy said something like how he was so nervous because he saw him (Steven Tyler).

After that statement, Jeremy Piven then said, “Why don’t you guys do a 3-way photo together?” Steven Tyler said, “Yeah!” and went to stand beside @PopCultureBoys. I was still standing beside Jeremy Piven in a daze and Steven Tyler waved at me and said, “Come!”

Fortunately, I was able to get to my senses to stand beside Steven Tyler (so I could make a crop to use on all my display pics. Hehehehe.) Check out our spazzface in the photo that was taken by Jeremy Piven:

Steven Tyler of Aerosmith
Steven Tyler of Aerosmith

After the photo, Steven Tyler gave @PopCultureBoy a squeeze on the shoulder/hug to calm him down (but I think it made things worse). I was going to shake Steven Tyler’s hand but then he saw that I was a girl and he took me by the shoulders and gave me a kiss on my cheek.


And if you need to know, Steven Tyler had stubble on his face and hence that kiss on the cheek felt really prickly.

I wasn’t really sure what happened after that and if we waved bye as they walked away or something. Don’t really remember. I just remember them leaving and some tourists then asked us who was that (referring to Jeremy Piven). They obviously recognised Steven Tyler and were so starstruck themselves.

The two of us stood there for at least 10 minutes in a daze before we could come back to our senses. How damn nice and cool are the two of them?!?!

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