Grasshopper One Night Dance Show Singapore 2012 Postmortem

Cantopop group Grasshopper is no doubt one of the longest standing musical groups in the business. Since their formation in 1982, they’re still going strong if you judge by the full house at the Compass Ballroom at Resorts World Sentosa last night.

Speaking mostly in Cantonese, the trio Calvin Choy, Remus Choy and Edmond So entertained the crowd of at least 6,000 people with their easy banter and crowd teasing. Despite being in their 40s, they claimed to be 18 like all the fans in the audience. Haha.

I have been spoilt by watching Kpop concerts. All that I’ve seen so far (Rainism + Super Show 4), the stage extended into the audience and no matter how far behind I am, I still feel like I’m not that far away from the stage.

So the Grasshopper stage was just a regular stage with no extension and I was all the way at the back since we were quite slow in confirming the numbers. I felt like the stage as so far away. So sad.


Also, I didn’t like how the tiered seats at the back had 2 rows of chairs per tiers. The organizers also didn’t curve the tiers so it was quite hard to see the stage properly. I’m not very tall so I got blocked a lot. 🙁

Grasshoppers on stage
Grasshoppers on stage

Still, it didn’t dampen the concert experience that much because there was a screen at each side, I like the Grasshoppers enough and this was my second time watching them live. I must add that the camera and production team doing the live video feeds weren’t very good. They weren’t quick enough to capture what’s happening on the stage.

Edmund, Remus and Calvin bantering on stage
Edmund, Remus and Calvin bantering on stage

However, I really liked how the Grasshoppers were totally singing live and had a live band playing in the background. You don’t get many artists (if any) like that nowadays in the singing and dancing male group categories. Mind you, these guys are still going strong in their 40s. They deserve full respect.

Also, for the first time in their 30 years in showbiz, there was a solo segment for each of them during the concert! We got to hear them singing 2 full songs individually. They were all equally good! Which would probably explain why they work so well together musically.

The approximately 2.5 hour show had 2 encores performances. I must add that the Grasshoppers did not do any promotional work in Singapore with any of their new releases so when they were singing the newer songs, everyone was pretty quiet due to their unfamiliarity with the songs. However, the moment the first chord was played of any one of their classic hits, everybody jumped up and started cheering. It was a pretty cool sight.

Mid October 2012, Grasshoppers will embark on a larger scale tour starting in Hong Kong and if it works out, they’ll be back in Singapore early 2013 with their tour! Can’t wait!

5 thoughts on “Grasshopper One Night Dance Show Singapore 2012 Postmortem

  1. Re your last para “..and if it works out, they’ll be back in Singapore early 2013 with their tour”, is that true? I missed their concert in SG this year, if they return in 2013, I would be overjoyed!!!

    1. yeap, they said that during the concert. sounds pretty confirmed but just not sure how early is early though… it will be in indoor stadium. I saw Calvin talking about this on this weibo account.

    1. cool! by then it’ll be the grasshoppers vs softhard tour… 🙂 different from this one i went. i’m going to watch the softhard tour in HK. ^^ can’t wait!

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