Gordon Ramsay Live in Singapore 2013 for the Hawker Challenge

I know that this is not the usual music/concert related stuff but I just had to post this up. It’s definitely an event not to be missed!

photo © @Singtel
photo © @Singtel

If you haven’t already heard, foul-mouthed but brilliant celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay will be in town to challenge 3 Singaporean Hawkers to whip up the famous Singapore Chili Crab, Chicken Rice and Laksa.

What makes this event so noteworthy is how Gordon Ramsay will do the cook-off with the 3 Hawkers at the Newton Circus HAWKER CENTRE. And if you have ever watched any of Gordon Ramsay’s reality kitchen programmes, you will know what a scary and particular person he is in the kitchen.

So it will be interesting to see how Gordon Ramsay will cope in the Singapore heat and humidity and cooking at a hawker centre. I’m really hoping that they will make a TV programme out of this.

Anyway, forgive my excitement for I’m quite a fan of Gordon Ramsay and his kitchen adventures.

The cook-off happens on 7 July 2013 from 6.30 pm onwards at the Newton Circus Hawker Centre. I’m not sure how much you can see of the cook-off but no harm in heading down to check it out.

[5 July 2013 | Update]

GOOD NEWS Y’ALL! If you can’t make it down to the Newton Hawker Centre this Sunday, the epic cook-off will be live streamed at the HungryGoWhere site! (Take note that the livestream link will only be available on Sunday.)

Can’t wait!

[7 July 2013 | Update]

GUYS!! I found another link at the Singtel page for the live stream. The live stream starts at 7.00 pm and lasts for about 30 minutes. Link to the other live stream here.

Urm… the live stream is only available in Singapore. Sorry.

[7 July 2013, 6.09 pm] The live stream video area is up!! The Singtel one is larger than the HungryGoWhere one. GO GO GO!! 🙂

[7 July 2013 | 7.31 pm] The live stream has ended! The results will be revealed at 8.45 pm. Same link I think.

[7 July 2013 | 9.06pm] Live stream of the results is over!

Here are the winners:

  • Chicken Rice: Tian Tian Chicken Rice
  • Chilli Crab: Gordon Ramsay!
  • Laksa: 328 Katong Laksa

Wahey!! Congratulations to all the winners especially to Gordon Ramsay! He really deserves the special shout out because he only learnt the dishes in the last couple of days and had to cook 1,000 portions of EACH dish (ie 3,000 portions in all) for the #HawkerHeroes challenge! (The other hawkers only had to make 1,000 portion each.)

Regardless, cheers to all the hawkers for their hard work day in and out!

[7 July 2013 | 10.03pm] Check out the screen caps from the live stream I made of Gordon Ramsay frying his winning Chilli Crab in the background while host Seetoh is chatting.

20130707-gordon-ramsay-hawker-challenge-screencap-02 20130707-gordon-ramsay-hawker-challenge-screencap-01

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