Tony Bennett Live in Singapore 2013 for a concert

Multi-Grammy award (17 actually) winner Tony Bennett is coming to town to sing for you! He is defo not from my era and if I did my homework and research right, this is the first time he will be performing in Singapore, like ever, despite his 64-year career. 60-frickin’-4 years.

Anyway, at 86 years old, Tony Bennett is still going strong and for the lack of a better way of putting it, this could quite literally be your first and last time to catch him in Singapore.

Tony Bennett is singing at the Star Performing Arts Theatre on 11 September 2013. Tickets are priced at $208, $108, $168, $138 and $98. All prices are in Singapore dollars and doesn’t include fees.

I’ll post a link to the place where you can buy tickets as soon as I can find it.

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