Will Pan “Unleashed” World Tour in Singapore 2013 Post Mortem

Will Pan in Singapore 2013

Must say that I don’t listen to much Chinese music ever really but I must salute Will Pan at the concert last night. He was down with the flu and running a fever of 38.7˚C (at some point)!

He mentioned during the concert that he didn’t know if he would even be able to stand on the stage to perform last night but there he was so I  think and hope he was feeling a bit better by the time he got on stage.

So despite Will Pan going off pitch and being a bit flat at the start of one or two of the slower songs, I’d say that he put on a fantastic show otherwise, given that he wasn’t well. I know how miserable it feels and how hard it is to stay on key/pitch with a flu going on. Well done!

I did enjoy myself somewhat at the 2 hour 15 minutes concert even though I wasn’t familiar with Will Pan’s discography and I wasn’t feeling too well myself.

Anyway, I was reminded once again why I don’t like Max Pavilion as a concert venue. The sound was mediocre (Kallang Theatre now ranks the worst in my opinion) and there was no elevation at the seats apart from the nosebleed section at the back.

Also, many fans ran forward and stood along the aisle in front of the extended stage and that blocked the view of almost everyone at the seats in front of the extended stage (Section C). While the ushers got them to go back at the beginning, halfway through, I think they gave up and then became like a free standing concert instead.

It was ironic because Will Pan did make a comment at the concert about how it was notoriously hard to get the Singaporean audience on their feet to jump and dance. If only he knew that all he just had to do was just get someone to block their view and the audience will stand up. From there, soon enough they’ll start dancing. Hahahahaha.

While the average age of the crowd was probably about mid-30s, there was definitely not a lot of screaming fan girls… BUT there was quite a large number of fan boys interestingly. I am so not used to a crowd of fan boys at a non-rock band concert. 🙂

Also, there were quite a number of older/noob concert-goers who obviously don’t know how to take photos at a concert. So you can imagine how they were trying to take a photo and *flash*, oh the picture didn’t come out, so *flash* *flash* *flash*. There were quite a few people in the rows behind me who kept trying to take photo with flash and they tried a good 5 times before giving up for that moment only to try again later.

Pro tip: if you are not within the first 10 rows of people in front of the stage, no matter how awesome your camera is, the flash is useless. And besides, don’t ever use flash at a concert as it could possibly endanger and temporarily blind the artist and for sure it will irritate the people around you. The trick is to use multi-shot/burst mode and have a stable hands.

Anyway, I obviously had a lot of time to observe the audience since my view was blocked a lot… but still, when I could see, I did manage to snap a few photos (without the use of the flash) of Will Pan at the concert. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Will Pan “Unleashed” World Tour in Singapore 2013 Post Mortem

  1. Awesome pictures! I too didn’t even know of his existence till I got free tickets to his concert. Post concert, I have total respect for him! Plus he’s cute to boot! 😀

    1. thanks! i know right! performing his best even though he is sick… i hope he is feeling better now.

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