Jason Chen and Clara C Live in Singapore 2013 Showcase Post Mortem

Actually, apart from Jason Chen and Clara C performing at the showcase last night at Zouk, there were a few other performers as well. There was a Singaporean girl first, Samantha was her name I think. Then a Malaysian dude who’s name I couldn’t catch, a dance crew called Cl1max and finally a Singaporean singer called Nick Yao who will release an album in Taiwan at the later part of the year.

So by the time Clara C took to the stage, it was about 7.05 pm.

Clara C in Singapore 2013

She started her set with “Heartstrings” which was a favourite amongst many of her fans in the audience apparently.

As part of research to prepare for the interview, I went to watch some of Clara C’s YouTube videos and I thought that I would be bored at the showcase to be honest. I don’t particularly listen to the folksy-acoustic stuff a lot. I like my loud and noisy rock bands. 🙂

I must say that I was completely surprised that Clara’s set of 9 songs was nothing boring/slow at all. In fact, I like it very much! It was fun and lively, mostly due to Clara effervescent personality. Her set was actually very groovy. I’ll say that her YouTube videos are completely different from how she is live and I’ll say that I like the live version of Clara way better.

After that, Jason Chen took to the stage immediately at about 8.00 pm.

Jason Chen live in Singapore 2013

Jason Chen was way more reserved and shy when compared to Clara’s set. Still, it doesn’t mean that Jason’s set was any less enjoyable. They do have their own charms.

It was kinda cute when Jason came up on stage and said that he was very nervous. 🙂 However, when he sang, you don’t hear any of the nerves at all. He pulled off all the high notes and long breaths pretty flawlessly, so that says something.

Jason Chen’s set was also of 9 songs and here’s his set list:

  • Hide and Seek
  • Back at One (cover of Brian McKnight)
  • Still In Love
  • When I Was Your Man (cover of Bruno Mars)
  • ??? (a Chinese song which I didn’t catch the title)
  • 普通朋友 (cover of David Tao, 陶喆)
  • Thank You
  • Unexpectedly <– DEBUT OF A BRAND NEW SONG!
  • Best Friend

I definitely enjoyed myself at the showcase and here are all the photos of Jason Chen and Clara C from the showcase last night. Enjoy!

[29 July 2013 | Update]

Here’s a video of Jason Chen doing his song “Best Friend” at the showcase:

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