Interview with Jason Chen and Clara C Singapore 2013

Earlier today, I had a group interview session with YouTubers Jason Chen and Clara C. Despite being a little out of it from the medication that I took before I headed out to the interview, I must say that it was a pretty enjoyable session and it was all chill and relaxed.

Jason Chen and Clara C in Singapore 2013

This didn’t get captured in the interview video but I must add that it had a pretty interesting start. When Jason and Clara walked in, they saw a bowl of mentos mints on the table and were like, “YAAY!! Mentos!!” and proceed to eat them.

However, as they sat down, everyone was ready to start asking questions but Jason and Clara had a sweet in their mouth so they couldn’t really talk. So there was this minute or so worth of silence in the room as everyone watched the both of them trying very hard to chew up the sweet and finish it as quickly as they can.

Throughout the session, it was very obvious that Clara C is the cheerful and outgoing one while Jason was the more reserved and shy one. I must add that Jason does have a very nice shy boyish smile; that smile was the biggest takeaway I had from the session in my spaced-out state. Haha.

It was also interesting how Jason and Clara actually mentioned that people have arguments/fights on the comments on their YouTube videos over their nationality. And just so you know, everyone who fights got them all wrong and both of them do find the whole thing quite amusing.

Jason also adds that people discuss his height a lot. LOL. And needless to say, he doesn’t correct them even though everyone is wrong. Hahaha. There you have it. 😉

Anyway, I will post up the full video of the interview session soon as some parts of the audio are quite soft so I do need to edit it a bit/add subs or something. Haven’t decided yet.

Here are the photos from the interview session today:

[28 July 2013 | Update]

So there you have it. The video of the full interview. Audio is a little soft, couldn’t do much to it. Be careful of loud noises from other applications when you turn up your speakers/headphone.

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