A-JAX in Singapore 2013 for Vizit Korea Post Mortem

As things are getting busy again in my day job (yes I do have one), I’ve actually been scaling back a little on the events and stuff. It also doesn’t help that the frequency of my Korean classes have been changed to twice a week from once a week. T.T

Still, in a twist of events, I still ended up heading down to the Vizit Korea event to see A-JAX live. Haha. Honestly, when I was asked, my first reaction was like, “Are they anywhere as cute as A-Prince?” LOL.

And now that I have seen them live and up close in person, I conclude that my A-Prince babies are still cuter. XD

A-JAX Vizit Korea Singapore 2013

I wouldn’t call A-JAX cute actually. They come across to me as a group of young men with an edge. One or two of them can still be considered cute because they are still young I guess but that’s as far as I’d go to say they’re cute.

They did a set of 6 songs as follows:

  • One 4 U
  • Hot Game
  • 너 밖에 몰라서 (Only You)
  • 2MYX
  • 내 머리가 나빠서 (Because I am Stupid; Boys Over Flowers OST)
  • 미쳐가 (Going Crazy)

Perhaps I’m being biased (and loyal to Super Junior and A-Prince) but A-JAX didn’t move me much after their performance and even after I got the chance to go up on stage to Hi-10/shake the hands of the A-JAX boys.

Singing and dancing-wise they were pretty much average as compared to the rest of the idol groups that I’ve ever watched; nothing overly outstanding or impressive; ie didn’t catch my attention. Mind you, I’m not saying they’re bad but I’m not saying they’re fantastic either. Just average.

A-JAX Vizit Korea Singapore 2013

The only thing which really caught my eye was Hyunggon’s biceps. Hahahaha. That was impressive. XD I must have been staring too much or something coz Hyunggon did specifically posed for me and waited for me to give him the “ok I got the shot” nod before he acknowledged it with a nod and turned his attention somewhere else. And when I was reviewing the photos later, I realised that I do have quite a few photos of him looking over. Hahaha. Oops? #cheapthrill

Anyway, here is a selection of photos of the A-JAX boys from the Vizit Korea showcase. Enjoy!

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