Topp Dogg — Dogg’s Out Repackage Album “Cigarette”

The cool people at Stardom Entertainment handed me Topp Dogg’s repackaged “Dogg’s Out” album called “Cigarette” after our interview session with Topp Dogg (where I was helping out).


So I finally put the CD into the player today and BOOM! I love the first song on the album called “Dogg’s Out”! So badass! It wasn’t long into the song when I found myself bopping along to the beats.

I also like their debut single titled “말로해 (Follow Me/Say It)”. It also has a bit of dubstep in it. I like. Check it out:

There is also a Chinese version of this song (让我们直说) on the repackaged album. And it is equally as cool as the Korean version. The diction on the Chinese version was actually pretty decent as well.

The title song  of the repackaged album “Cigarette” has a really R&B groovy feel and vibe to it which I like but I must admit that I’m not a huge fan of how the song ends. It ends on a dissonance and makes the song’s ending feels kinda weird but I guess it’s probably a jazz thing? I don’t know… You can decide for yourselves:

I also like another song called “Play Ground”. I really like the badass vibe of the song. Pretty refreshing from all the fluffy/synthesized sounds which is so common in kpop electronic dance music nowadays.

Speaking of fluffy, “너 같은 여자 (trans: a girl like you)” (Kidoh’s solo) and “귀여운 걸 (trans: cute girl)” would fall into the category of fluffy kpop songs. However, there definitely is an edge to all the fluffiness which pretty much a a redeeming factor for me. 🙂

It’s a pretty good album and I should say this, listen to the album with lots of bass and subwoofers. It would bring out the true vibe of the songs.

다시 한번 앨범을 선물로 받아서 감사합니다. 잘 들었습니다. ^^
Once again, thank you to Stardom Entertainment for the album.

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