Chris Carrabba (Dashboard Confessional) Singapore 2013 Press Conference Post Mortem

Chris Carrabba, or better known as the lead singer and guitarist of Dashboard Confessional, was in Singapore for a one night only solo acoustic show last night.

Chris Carrabba (Dashboard Confessional)

When Chris walked into the room, I was kinda surprised actually. I didn’t realise that he was so small! LOL.

Still, Chris was absolutely lovely and actually took the time to walk around the room and shake everyone’s hand to say hi and thanks for coming.

So when the emcee kicked off the press conference with, “If you could, is there anything you’d like to change in your career?” and without skipping a beat, Chris was like, “I’d like to skip a few haircuts.” LOL!!

Chris is hysterical and it is no wonder that he looks a sense of (caustic) humour and wit in a woman. It is especially attractive to Chris if a woman can hold her own in any topic as well.

When asked about where in the world would Chris most like to play, he was like, “AMERICA!!!!…. So I can sleep in my own bed.” Hahahaha.

Also, when I asked him if his music career ended tomorrow, he would go back to his teaching job which he held before he did music and he was like, “No.”

He is so honest. Hahahahaha.

Anyway, it was such a pleasure to talk to him and that said, here are the photos from the press conference. Enjoy!

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