Jeju Island Adventure: Dragonhead Rock

We headed over to see the Dragonhead Rock early in the morning before we headed over to the Manjanggul Cave.

Yongduam (Dragonhead Rock)It was another one of those, “that’s it?” when you see the actual rock. LOL.

Yongduam (Dragonhead Rock)
Yongduam (Dragonhead Rock)

This rock is apparently a must see when in Jeju Island but I’m not clear as to why and I’m just going to see the rock coz it’s a mandatory/obligatory stop that everyone says it is.

I was totally underwhelmed by it truthfully.

Yongduam (Dragonhead Rock)

You can walk further down to explore the coastline a bit but since we had an hour or so drive to our next destination, we didn’t hang around for long and were in and out of the place within 30 minutes (and that included time we stopped to get a cup of coffee).

Thank God it was a free attraction and we only paid 500 won for the parking, it really wasn’t that worth the time really. I had read that parking in the area used to be free but just so you know, the official parking area has a time based parking charge now.

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