Jeju Island Adventure: Manjanggul Cave

Among the few natural attractions that I went to on Jeju Island, I like the Manjanggul Cave the best.


While it might not look like much, I think it is a super cool place because it used to be where molten hot lava was flowing through. Sorry, Geography geek in me is very excited. #NotSorry XD


Also, along the walls of the tunnel, you can see the lines where the level of lava used to flow. The amount of details you can see is pretty amazing. No wonder it has been designated as a UNESCO Natural Monument.


The tunnel is really massive as well (about 13km in length in total), another interesting thing which I noted. And for the 1 km or so of the entire Manjanggul that we walked, the tunnels were consistently pretty massive compared to the other rock type formations.

Anyway, worth going if you are into all these Geographical/Volcanology stuff but otherwise, it might seem a little boring because it just is one dark and damp tunnel.


  • The entrance fee is 2,000 won and parking is free.
  • It took me 50 minutes or so to cover the entire length of the tunnel and back.
  • The cave is damp and there are lots of water puddles and water dripping so you might want to wear covered track shoes/sneakers and a cap. There are people who wore a raincoat or used an umbrella as well.
  • Take note that the path is mostly natural harden lava rocks so it is not even and you do need to take care when you walk. You might still slip here and there because of the smoothened rock surface.
  • There is a restaurant at the Visitor Centre there. Just one. No other food nearby for another few kilometres drive. So plan your trip here accordingly.

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