JPNSGRLS at Music Matters Live 2014 Post Mortem

While eclectic-infused rock isn’t a flavour of rock I particularly dig, I’ll make an exception for JPNSGRLS (pronounced “japanese girls”). It is very difficult not to be won over by the JPNSGRLS guys.

Check them out:

All 4 of them are really lovely and a whole lot of fun! Especially when Charlie dances(?) on stage.

After their final set at Kuro for Music Matters Live 2014, they were gamely taking pictures with everyone and doing all kinds of funny poses.

Charlie Kerr, JPNSGRLS
Charlie Kerr, JPNSGRLS
Graham Serl, JPNSGRLS
Graham Serl, JPNSGRLS

Chris, the bassist, left a pretty deep impression on me for being such a giant. He is about 2~2.1m tall and he would hug and/or squeeze everyone who asked him for a photo. LOL. So yeah, here’s me being squashed by him.

Chris McClelland, JPNSGRLS
Chris McClelland, JPNSGRLS
Oliver Mann, JPNSGRLS
Oliver Mann, JPNSGRLS… with the cheeky Charlie covering his eyes

(Pardon the grainy shorts because it was really dark and I had to photoshop them all quite heavily so they’re at least visible.)

Charlie is the lead singer of JPNSGRLS and he is just SO cheeky and adorable! LOL. His energy and enthusiasm on stage and off stage is just infectious! It left a really deep impression on me. (not forgetting that cute smile of his.)

The JPNSGRLS guys are no doubt living up to all the good stuff I’ve seen and heard about them before Music Matters Live 2014. Here’s hoping that they come back again soon!


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