Music Matters Live 2014 Post Mortem

All That Matters

Where do I even begin? Music Matters Live is SO FUN!! So many new bands to discover and re-discover and not to mention how I get to hang out with all my friends in the music industry.

This year, I only managed to check out homeboys Trick and Mark Bonafide. Beyond our shores, I enjoyed Afgan, Buffalo Sunn, Bunkface and JPNSGRLS. Such amazing music!

Music Matters Live feels even more special and exciting for me this year as a few of my friends of stalker fans origins have grown up and are now holding various jobs within the music industry and/or working at the Music Matters Live music festival.

Furthermore, some of my friends in the music industry have grown their establishments so much bigger and I really feel very happy and excited for them!!

I’m always grateful and thankful to a particular group of friends in the music industry who always let us to hang out with their artists. Hehehehe. This year, we got to hang out with Buffalo Sunn.

We even had the pleasure of watching them eat their dinner (we didn’t just stare at them eating of coz! We did have a really nice chat as well). LOL. They are such lovely people and they even insisted that I share an ice-cream dessert with them. *insert fangirl scream* How does one say no to handmade chocolate ice-cream?

Regardless, I still feel very stupid for sitting with the guys of Buffalo Sunn for about an hour or so and I didn’t ask them for an autograph or a photo. LOL. Oh well.

Anyway, fangirling aside, can’t wait for the 2015 edition of Music Matters Live! When it happens, come down and hang out! ^^

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