Super Junior “Super Show 7” in Seoul 2017 Post Mortem

Super Show 7 Seoul 2017
Super Show 7 Seoul 2017

I have been super busy at work and I literally dropped off the face of the Internet. However, busy as I am, I made time for a short weekend trip to Seoul to catch the first shows of Super Junior’s Super Show 7 at Jamsil Arena in Seoul on 15, 16 and 17 December 2017.

I have waited about 2 years for this to happen and there was no doubt that I am going to do whatever I can within my means to get myself into the shows. That also meant that I had to work overnight, take a red eye flight to Seoul, land at 6.15 am KST on 15 December 2017 and rush over to Jamsil Arena to join the ticket queue.

Super Show 7 Seoul 2017
Super Show 7 Seoul 2017

When I arrived at the venue around 11.00 am KST on 15 December 2017, fresh off the plane, it was bloody -2ºC. Freezing. I shudder as I type, remembering the cold. And yes, I queued from 11.00 am KST or so in the freezing weather until they started selling tickets at 4.00 pm KST. The insanity; I know but the desire to attend the first ever Super Show 7 was strong enough to withstand and brave the cold weather. I knew it would be something memorable and special, but little did I know how memorable and special the weekend would be.

And it was all worth it.

Official Super Junior lightstick
Official Super Junior light stick

I got my official Super Junior light stick.

Super Show 7 invitation
Super Show 7 invitation

I got my invitation to Super Show 7.

Super Show 7 Seoul 2017
Super Show 7 Seoul 2017

And I got to see Super Junior in action again. After almost 3 years. 😭


15 December 2017 16 December 2017 17 December 2017
Black Suit Black Suit Black Suit
Scene Stealer Scene Stealer Scene Stealer
Shirt Shirt Shirt
예뻐 보여(Girlfriend) 예뻐 보여(Girlfriend) 예뻐 보여(Girlfriend)
This Is Love This Is Love This Is Love
시간 차 (Too Late) 시간 차 (Too Late) 시간 차 (Too Late)
너라고 (It’s You) 너라고 (It’s You) 너라고 (It’s You)
비처럼 가지 마요 (One More Chance) 비처럼 가지 마요 (One More Chance) 비처럼 가지 마요 (One More Chance)
기억을 따라 (Memories) 기억을 따라 (Memories) 기억을 따라 (Memories)
별이 뜬다 (Stars Appear…) 별이 뜬다 (Stars Appear…) 별이 뜬다 (Stars Appear…)
Tic Toc 로꾸거!!! (Rokkugo) 로꾸거!!! (Rokkugo)
Twins Twins Twins
Runaway Runaway Runaway
Too Many Beautiful Girls Too Many Beautiful Girls Too Many Beautiful Girls
Miracle Miracle Miracle
로꾸거!!! (Rokkugo)
Siwon DJ-ing to Let’s Dance Siwon DJ-ing to Let’s Dance Siwon DJ-ing to Let’s Dance
짬에서 나오는 바이브 (Charm of Life) 짬에서 나오는 바이브 (Charm of Life) 짬에서 나오는 바이브 (Charm of Life)
On and On On and On On and On
Super Duper Super Duper Super Duper
Sorry, Sorry Sorry, Sorry Sorry, Sorry
Mr Simple Mr Simple Mr Simple
I Do (두 번째 고백) I Do (두 번째 고백) I Do (두 번째 고백)
The Lucky Ones The Lucky Ones The Lucky Ones
Shining Star Shining Star Shining Star
Devil Devil Devil
Spin Up Spin Up Spin Up
Magic Magic Magic

As expected, the first night was super emotional. There wasn’t a dry eye in the whole arena. Everyone, including the Super Junior members, cried (or had watery eyes) at some point during the first night. You can feel the heaviness in the atmosphere that night.

During the very first introductions on the first day after MAMACITA (아야야), there were extra loud cheers for Siwon and he looked very emotional. Poor boy. Once again, it is NOT his fault at all and I really wish the Korean media would stop pinning everything on him. Siwon wasn’t even there when it happened.

Also, when Heechul was talking during the first introduction on the first day, he was visibly down as he said that he due to the condition of his injuries, any concert could be his last. He would try his best still and he asks for everyone to take care of themselves and go see a doctor when there are injuries and do not leave them untreated. 💔

Super Show 7 Seoul 2017
Super Show 7 Seoul 2017

The biggest highlight has got to be the letter that Leeteuk read before they performed “I Do (두 번째 고백)”. On day 1, when Leeteuk read the letter, by the time he reached the second or third sentence, I was in tears. There was a non-scripted part of the letter that was dedicated to Donghae.

Day 2, it was the same letter but there is one additional portion of the letter that is not scripted and dedicated to Ryeowook who was in the audience. (Wookie was also in the audience on Day 1.) I was thinking then, it’s the same letter, so it would be ok but I was so wrong. When the camera zoomed in on Ryeowook’s face, everyone started crying again. And all of us attended Day 1 too.

Day 3, it’s the same letter for the third time and you’d think, “ok, it’s the third time you are hearing the same letter, it’ll be ok.” It’s the third time right? But no, the third day was the worst. Everyone cried the hardest on Day 3. After dedicating the non-scripted part of the letter to Kyuhyun who was in the audience (he cried a little too), Leeteuk said, “Actually, I don’t know how many members there are in Super Junior now myself but I would like to call out all 13 members’ name again.” That’s it man. The entire Arena was flooded in tears at that moment. You could hear the echos of everyone crying so hard when “Hankyung” was mentioned.


(Still makes me cry as I recall and type this… *sniff*)

Super Show 7 Seoul 2017
Super Show 7 Seoul 2017

I don’t think there will be the same emotional impact in the Super Show 7s outside these opening dates in Seoul as there is a language and timing factor involved. So please don’t complain or say anything nasty. Every Super Show is never identical. And that’s why we fly out to the different dates to watch it.

Super Show 7 Seoul 2017
Super Show 7 Seoul 2017

Emotional fangirl stuff aside, Super Show 7 was a 3.5 hours long affair and there was no shortage of laughs despite all the emotional fandom drama. It’s Super Junior afterall.

After the tension and heaviness in the atmosphere on Day 1, Super Junior was back to being their usual playful selves on Day 2 & 3. 🤪

Super Show 7 Seoul 2017
Super Show 7 Seoul 2017

Super Show 7 is pretty different from the previous Super shows I must say. Firstly, this show is completely conceptualised and produced by Shindong and Eunhyuk. Secondly, there was the use of a live band for all the songs after “비처럼 가지 마요 (One More Chance)”. You know Super Junior is singing live because they kept screwing up the timing of the entry into the verses and messing up lyrics in the second half of the concert with the live band. LOL.

Super Show 7 Seoul 2017
Super Show 7 Seoul 2017

I know there are a lot of fans who aren’t really used to Super Junior as artists and musicians but I am super proud and happy with this change!! I went nuts when Donghae played the piano intro to “비처럼 가지 마요 (One More Chance)”!! That is not a video my friends, that is Donghae playing the piano for real on the stage behind the staircase!!

Super Show 7 Seoul 2017
Super Show 7 Seoul 2017

Finally, quite a few people have asked so here is the answer again: there is no one place where a specific member is positioned. They are all pretty evenly distributed and they do roam around quite equally (good job to Super Junior for ensuring this). I was in different spots for all 3 days and during all 3 days, I kept seeing a lot of my darling Siwon and how he keeps tucking/stuffing his shirt into his pants in my face. LOL.

Unbelievably, it’s been more than a week since Super Show 7 Seoul has happened. Fortunately for me, Super Show 7 Singapore is happening in 4 weeks and I’ll get to do this all over again!! 🤗

See you all on 27 January 2018 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium for Super Show 7 Singapore!!

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