Ok Go’s New Music Video “The Writing’s On The Wall”

Ok Go

I don’t do this sort of music video rant type posts often but hey, this is Ok Go. And despite all my Kpop tendencies in the recent few years, I’m still a really massive fan of Chicago based band, Ok Go.

The released their new music video today called “The Writing’s On The Wall”, 2 years after they last released a video with totally blew my mind.

Side note: if you are wondering what to expect in the Trick Eye Museum in Seoul and Singapore or you totally love the Trick Eye Museum, then this music video is a MUST-WATCH.

Check it out:

This music video is done using ONE TAKE and the band did about 50 takes according to their exclusive interview with RollingStones.com.


I know there was a lot of hoo-hah when it was discovered that EXO’s ‘Growl’ MV was done in one take but people, please; no one does one take music videos better than Ok Go and Ok Go did one take videos way before EXO even existed. So please do not give SM Entertainment or EXO that much credit, the hype over how ‘Growl’ was done in one-take was totally over-rated.

I know of some people who thinks that Ok Go is just a mediocre band but oh man, so wrong those people are. While Ok Go’s songs are no chart-toppers (they’re alternative anyway), the amount of creativity and ideas they have is simply mind-blowing!

Ok Go are true artists and I really love how all the videos were conceptualised by the band members themselves. There really aren’t that many such DIY artists out there any more and that’s also precisely why I am such a HUGE fan of them.

Check out the other amazing Ok Go videos:

This is my all time favourite Ok Go video. It isn’t done in one take but the planning, execution and precision is mind-blowing:

And fianlly, this is how one take videos should be made:

Beat that!

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