Aaron Yan “The Aaron Time” / “Drama, Cut” Autograph Session Post Mortem

Guess what time is it? It’s Aaron Time!

Aaron Yan @ IMM Singapore 2014
Aaron Yan @ IMM Singapore 2014

Aaron Yan had an autograph session at IMM yesterday. Fans had to have either his “DRAMA, CUT” album or “The Aaron Time” DVD to join the queue to get their album signed by him.

Needless to say, I jumped at my chance to meet him again!

The kickstarted things by having a short Q&A session with Aaron. He even sang 2 songs off his album in that time.

Also, as Aaron’s birthday is coming soon, his fanclub members surprised him with 2 lovely cakes. There was a mini-birthday celebration for him as we sang him a birthday song in both Mandarin and English.

After a long wait, it was finally my turn to meet Aaron up close and personal again!!

Aaron and me in unison: Hi how have you been?
Me: *giggles*
Aaron: *with a killer smile* I’m great! How about you?
Me: Good to hear that, it’s been a while since we met. I came with my students today. They are such huge fans of you.
Aaron: Oh really? *look at them and then back at me* Wait, you mean, you’re a teacher? *eyes widen* OH WOW! *reach out for my hand* That is incredible! You did well! Take care of yourself and I’ll see you around real soon.

That was all I remembered because after that point, I just stopped functioning and died in his gaze only to come back just in time to hear his last sentence to me.

Me: Thank you *blushes* Take care too Aaron! *took my album, walked 3 steps and turn back to look at him*
Aaron: *put his hand on his chest* I love you!

I mouthed ‘I love you too’ and left the stage.

Actually, I turned around intending to ask him if he changed his autograph recently because it didn’t look like the ones I had from his previous autograph sessions. However, when he said “I love you!” I just forgot everything.

I must add that Aaron’s English is good; then again, it is also possible that I never noticed it because I’ve always spoken to him in Mandarin during the previous fansign events. This is the first time I have actually had a conversation with him in English and I’m amazed.

Can’t wait to see him again and here are the other photos that came out well from my camera.

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