Hoobastank Live in Singapore 2014 Press Conference

Hoobastank Press Conference, Singapore 2014
Hoobastank Press Conference, Singapore 2014

First up, a big thank you to my friend at Impact Live Asia for bringing one of the first few love of my fangirl life, Dan Estrin who is part of Hoobastank back to Singapore.

Also, thank you to sponsor FIJI Water who help make this happen and also for extending the invitation to the press conference and concert as well but you guys didn’t know that I’m friends with the people at Impact Live Asia hence the slight confusion but no worries.

I do not deny that I didn’t do much homework before the press conference but when Dan Estrin Hoobastank walked into the room, I literally forgot whatever new intel that I have read up on about Hoobastank.

This is actually the first time I am seeing Hoobastank holding a media pass. The many times that I have seen and spoke to Hoobastank, I was stalking them and I got to chat to them a couple of times even as a fan. So I must admit that this change in status did feel kinda awkward for me.

As a fan, I could literally ask Hoobastank anything. The last time they were here, Dan was telling me about how he lives an hour drive away from Doug as I walked with him to the bus.

However, at the press conference, I actually felt a bit pressured to ask smart questions… which was really difficult because I was trying so hard to control the giggling fangirl inside. Besides, my main plan was to ogle at Dan at the press conference anyway. Hahaha.

Thankfully, I made the right decision to video the entire press conference because as expected, nothing they said registered in my head because i just couldn’t concentrate on what they were saying. I failed so bad at this press conference I know. LOL.

That said, I’ll upload the whole video or bits of it when I get the time to review it sometime later this week. Till then, I’ll leave you guys with the photos from the press conference.

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