Hoobastank Live in Singapore 2014 Post Mortem

Hoobastank Live in Singapore 2014
Hoobastank Live in Singapore 2014

Hoobastank played at the Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel Sentosa on 30 November 2014.

Taking the stage at 8.30 pm, it was easy to see and hear why Hoobastank have been around for more than 10 years as a band; despite the changes in their bassist, their sound is super tight.

I must say that I totally enjoyed myself at the gig because I haven’t been to a rock concert for a while and especially a rock concert which sounds so tight. It was really great pleasure to my ears.

In the solid 1.5 hours gig, Hoobastank played 19 songs. I was really happy that Hoobastank included my favourite song “Inside Of You” in their set list. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the guitar riffs in the song and not just the naughty lyrics. Hahaha. I must add that Doug Robb did an amazing job vocally at the concert as well.

Hoobastank Live in Singapore 2014
Hoobastank Live in Singapore 2014

In the 10 years and more that I have seen, met and followed/stalked Hoobastank, while Dan Estrin and Chris Hesse lost so much weight and looked visibly older, I swear to God that Doug Robb looked pretty much the same as when I first met him about 10 years or so ago. This is the first time Jesse Charland came to Singapore as Hoobastank if memory served me right.

Hoobastank Live in Singapore 2014
During ‘The Reason’, Hoobastank Live in Singapore 2014

It was actually very funny how when Hoobastank played the song that everyone was waiting for, ie The Reason, almost everybody whipped out their mobile phones and started recording the song while singing along.

I didn’t bother to record anything even though I had the video recorder with me from the press conference earlier in the day. I mean everyone was videoing The Reason and I’m sure someone would upload it to YouTube so I didn’t bother. I was too busy singing along at the top of my lungs anyway. Haha.

So here is the set list from Hoobastank live in Singapore 2014:

  1. Just One
  2. Let It Out
  3. No Destination
  4. Same Direction
  5. Remember Me
  6. If I Were You
  7. I Don’t Think I Love You
  8. All About You
  9. Born To Lead
  10. Running Away
  11. No Win Situation
  12. My Turn
  13. Inside Of You
  14. The First Of Me
  15. Pieces
  16. This Is Gonna Hurt
  17. The Reason
  18. Out Of Control
  19. Crawling In The Dark

Big thanks to Impact Live Asia once again and also to FIJI Water for helping to make this concert happen. 🙂

Finally, here are the photos from the gig.

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