Beast ‘Ordinary’ Fan Meet in Singapore 2015 Post Mortem

I wanted to post this sooner but I’ve been sick from the haze since I came back from Seoul last week. I mean I’ve been sick since I got back from the MTV World Stage in Malaysia and I was mostly recovered while I was in Seoul and all it took was a walk from the terminal building exit to the taxi and I was back to being sick again.

Anyway, after the BIGSTAR mini fan meet/hi-touch even after the Show Champion Episode 160 pre-recording, I headed to Incheon Airport immediately and boarded the flight back to Singapore.

The insanity didn’t end there, I landed in Singapore at around 1.00+ am SGT and I went home, slept at almost 4.00 am and by 7.00 pm, I was at Suntec Convention Hall for the Beast ‘Ordinary’ Fan Meet.

Beast 'Ordinary' Fan Meet in Singapore 2015
Beast ‘Ordinary’ Fan Meet in Singapore 2015

Big thanks to IME Productions and Colin for the tickets!

Beast 'Ordinary' Fan Meet in Singapore 2015
Beast ‘Ordinary’ Fan Meet in Singapore 2015

I like how Suntec Convention Hall is large and still cozy enough as a venue but when the Fan Meet started, it was madness because everyone started standing on the chairs.

Beast 'Ordinary' Fan Meet in Singapore 2015
Beast ‘Ordinary’ Fan Meet in Singapore 2015

I don’t mind when people stand despite the seats but standing on the chair is just downright annoying and rude because it means that everyone at the back can’t see shit!

And to top it off, the stage wasn’t entirely high enough so from where I was, I was completely blocked at times during the fan meet. Thank god I’m not a big enough fan of Beast to kick up a fuss. If this was Super Junior or BIGSTAR, I’d be furious!

Fortunately, at some point, the emcees for the fan meet, Deekosh and Christopher (? I hope I remembered the name right) asked everyone to sit down and things got better enjoyable.

Yet, towards the end, people started running and crowded at the front of the stage and got back to standing on the chairs. Zzzzz… I actually don’t mind it so much when people run to the front and crowd in front of the stage but the whole standing on the chairs thing really irks me a lot.

ANYWAY, it’s been 3 years since Beast last came to Singapore and I’m sure it’s been more than that since I last watched Beast at the Youth Olympic Games celebration thing at The Promontory back in 2010, shortly after they debut.

The boys of Beast have matured much since then. They are also more casual and relaxed on stage now. However, they still aren’t overly chatty but I guess it is mostly because of how they can’t really English. I’m sure if they were back in Korea, there’ll be much more banter on stage.

Also, I was actually quite surprised that Dongwoon was mostly the mood-maker and joker during the fan meet. My impression of him is that he is boring; because that’s is what he was like when he was co-hosting Super Idol Chart Show with Super Junior’s Ryeowook. Super Junior Ryeowook was already one of the more bland and boring members within Super Junior and Dongwoon was even more boring than him hence my impression.

Overall, I still enjoyed myself mostly during the Beast ‘Ordinary’ Fan Meet even though I was peeved with all the chair standing antics. Once again, big thank you to IME Productions and Colin for the tickets to the fan meet!

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