“Huntsman: Winter’s War” Asia Gala Premiere in Singapore 2016 Post Mortem & Spoiler-free Movie Review

"Huntsman: Winter's War" Gala Premiere in Singapore 2016
“Huntsman: Winter’s War” Gala Premiere in Singapore 2016

My friend got an extra ticket to the Asia gala premiere of “Huntsman: Winter’s War” and asked me if I wanted to go. I didn’t have anything else planned for the day so I was like, “ok”. No point in wasting a movie ticket to watch it before the rest of Asia right? Haha.

"Huntsman: Winter's War" Gala Premiere in Singapore 2016
“Huntsman: Winter’s War” Gala Premiere in Singapore 2016

My friend knows that I’m an avid autograph collector and was apologetic that the ticket was only for the movie with no access to the red carpet. Technically speaking, I could get myself red carpet access by buying a ticket into Universal Studios Singapore but I don’t see the point in paying S$74 to stand there for half a day for a chance to get an autograph and/or a selfie with the celebrities. I’m no longer a student and hence I no longer have that kind of time and energy to stand/wait around for hours. But for my Super Junior boys, Matt Damon, Keanu Reeves or Robert Downey Jr., maybe.

Anyway, all is not lost because I’ve met Chris Hemsworth by chance back in 2012 and I would not exchange that experience in the world to get an autograph from Charlize Theron and Jessica Chastain. Besides, I will still get to see the director, Cedric Nicholas-Troyan and the cast, Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron and Jessica Chastain before the movie starts to play anyway.

So, after I saw Jessica Chastain and Chris Hemsworth get onto the red carpet, I left the area to enter the theatre because it was too hot outside. Kudos to all of you crazy people who survived the heat and squash that is the red carpet fan experience. However, I was sitting in the theatre for about 1 hour and 15 minutes or so before Jamie Yeo came on to welcome the director and cast on stage.

Here are some of my photos that came out decent from their appearance on stage before the movie screening:

“Huntsman: Winter’s War” is the prequel to “Snow White and the Huntsman” (2012) and the joven.at.heart rating is: watch it on a weekday ticket.

The movie has very nice CGI and Chris Hemsworth is definitely very lovely to watch on the big screen and Charlize Theron looks absolutely stunning in the movie as well. While the story line isn’t particularly strong, there are quite a lot of witty punchlines in the script that makes it worth paying the price of a weekday ticket.

“Huntsman: Winter’s War” opens in cinemas islandwide in Singapore on 14 April 2016.

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