Restaurant Gordon Ramsay Post Mortem (October 2016)

Another highlight from my recent trip to Europe was a meal at the 3 Michelin starred, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay.

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay
Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

I’ve always wanted to have a meal at a Michelin-starred establishment to satisfy my curiosity and tastebuds on what makes them so awesome that they deserve those stars.

If you didn’t know, Michelin stars awarded to an establishment is only valid for a year and the status must be maintained. So I saw that Restaurant Gordon Ramsay got its 3 stars from day 1 of operations and they still have their 3 stars today.

Given that I was travelling with my mum and aunts, there was naturally a higher budget allowed for the trip. Furthermore, they specifically said they were more interested in eating more than anything else (like museums, tourist spots, shopping), so I took the chance and suggested that we made a reservation at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay.

Initially, they were concerned about the cost but I found out from the restaurant’s website that there was a lunch menu for £65 pounds (+ 12.5% VAT), I thought, hey! This isn’t as expensive as I thought it would be. It’s on the steep side but not like £300 for a meal.

Just for comparison sake, excluding forex, a meal at a celebrity chef restaurant at Marina Bay Sands is easily S$300~400 per person. (Not that I’ve been there, but I have friends who have dined there and they told me about it.)

And if you factored in forex, (thank you Brexit), a £65 meal with VAT could cost £73.125 which is approximately S$126.29 (based on the £1 = S$1.727 which I managed to get). A bargain in that category of things!

With that everyone was sold and I made that lunch reservation. And thank God I made a lunch reservation, I was so damn bloody full that after the meal, even after walking from 68 Royal Hospital Road to Picadilly Circus, I couldn’t eat dinner that night!! I’m not sure what would have happened if I made a dinner reservation.

And guess what? When we looked at the menu, we were like, “screw it, let’s do the a la carte lunch at £110.00 + VAT each.” That works out to be ~S$215.875 (based on based on the £1 = S$1.727) each. LOL.

So here’s what I had that day:

Here’s how it works: every table was only allowed to order 2 variety of dishes per course so that the orders for everyone can be served at the same time. For every dish that was served, the waiters would synchronise to put the plate on the table and then describe in detail to you what the dish was and what ingredients it contained. It was too much information to remember for the details of all the extras that they called “chef surprise”.

Everything was just so delicious and I cannot even tell you which one was a highlight because all of them are spectacular in their own right. However, if I were to pick something that suits my palate the best, I would pick the bread, scallop, that pink drink thing, the pigeon drumstick, vanilla ice cream, chocolate with nuts & coffee beans and that jelly thing. Which is almost everything anyway. Haha.

I have absolutely no regrets on eating all that food before my health check blood test and spending this amount of money and I certainly don’t mind to dine there again when I get the chance to.

As defined by the Michelin guide:

3 Michelin stars: “Exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey” (Une des meilleures tables, vaut le voyage)

Damn right it is.

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