Astro Live in Singapore 2017 for “Astro The 1st Showcase in Singapore”

I have stopped with making individual posts about concert/gigs in Singapore for various reasons. The only few concert/gigs/events type post I do are usually because I’m helping friend(s) out.

However, this is Astro we’re talking about now. LOL.

Ever since I spotted Cha Eun Woo in Seoul and managed to attend an Astro mini-fan meeting while still in Seoul, I’m completely sold. I love these boys so much; especially Eunwoo and Jinjin. Eunwoo is #1 in my heart right now. (Please don’t tell Siwon darling!)

I’m in so deep right now with Astro that there is no more logic. LOL. I had known that Astro was coming to Singapore as part of their first showcase tour for a while now BUT I decided that I still wanted to go to Bangkok for the showcase happening on 12 February 2017. That’s how deep in I’ve fallen.

I mean, how do you not love Astro?? These boys are so hilarious and entertaining!!

I mean, they can start discussing about having boogers in their nose so casually and have a laugh about it and the other mean comments about themselves they are reading. LOL.

Also, after watching the above clip of Astro on Show Champion Behind, Jinjin shot up the bias list for many that I know. This clip of Astro having so much fun and making too much noise has helped put a smile on my face after periods of stress or sadness.

So yeah, Astro has managed to fill the huge entertainment void left by Super Junior since they went on hiatus; and that void is huge.

Can’t wait to see Astro in sunny Singapore on 5 March 2017 at the Resorts World Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa!!!

Tickets are priced at $238 (CAT1/VIP), $168 (CAT2) and $138 (CAT3). CAT1 tickets come with a hi-touch pass after the showcase and a chance in the lottery to win a group photo opportunity with the Astro boys!

All tickets are listed in Singapore dollars and does not include the booking fee.

Also, since this concert is brought to you by My Music Taste, all ASTRO x Singapore TasteMakers will receive a 10% discount on one ticket. *If you are not a MyMusicTaste member yet, you can sign up and request your favourite artist’s concert on

Tickets go on sale on 20 January 2017, noon (SGT). The link for the online ticket purchase is not available at this point in writing.

4 thoughts on “Astro Live in Singapore 2017 for “Astro The 1st Showcase in Singapore”

  1. Do you know of any events going on on Astro’s showcase? Cause MJ’s birthday is on 5 March, and i was wondering if there was any fanpages which are going to have an event for MJ

    1. yes there are some fan events being planned for the Astro showcase in Singapore. the fansites have submitted their ideas to the organisers and are waiting for their response. you can follow @AstroInSG (twitter) for more details; i’m in touch with them.

      in the mean time, go learn how to sing the korean version of the birthday song if you don’t already know how. 🙂 spread the word!

    1. After the Taipei incident, for everyone’s safety, it was in everyone’s interest to minimise the number of fans at the airport. So please refrain from going to the airport. You can see Astro tomorrow at their show. 🙂

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