Bryan Adams “Get Up” Tour Live in Singapore 2017 Post Mortem

Bryan Adams "Get Up" Tour Singapore 2017
Bryan Adams “Get Up” Tour Singapore 2017

First concert of 2017! This concert is quite an episode for me. Firstly, I’m a huge fan of Bryan Adams. Heck, I’ve been a fan of him since I was a teenager.

Fun fact: it was his song “18 Till I Die” which made me realise that it is my mantra in life and hence I was a “young at heart”… but that id was taken and so I ended up choosing “” because joven = young in Spanish. (Which is also a language I like very much and wanted to learn instead of Korean.)

Secondly, my grandmother is currently lying in a hospice as I type this, literally waiting to die… for the lack of a more poetic way of phrasing this. So I wasn’t particularly in the excited mood for the concert I would have had been on a regular day. While there was some guilt in attending a concert while she could pass on literally any second, I was pretty determined to go on with it as planned because life must go on and I have bought the tickets a few months ago. Besides, there was nothing we could do any more because the doctors (plural) have said she is terminal and in a critical stage now.

So yeah, it started out as a pretty down night but it gradually got better and about halfway through, Bryan Adams performed “Summer of 69” which is one of my most favourite songs of all time! So after that point, I started to really enjoy the concert and was in the moment and distracted from real life. Thank you for the music!

Before I go on, here was the set list for the night:

  1. Do What You Gotta Do
  2. Can’t Stop This Thing We Started
  3. Don’t Even Try
  4. Run To You
  5. Go Down Rockin’
  6. Heaven
  7. Kids Wanna Rock
  8. It’s Only Love
  9. This Time
  10. You Belong To Me
  11. Summer of 69
  12. Here I Am
  13. Let’s Make A Night To Remember
  14. When You’re Gone
  15. (Everything I Do) I Do It For You
  16. It You Wanna Be Bad You Gotta Be Good
  17. Back To You
  18. We Did It All
  19. Somebody
  20. Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman?
  21. Please Forgive Me
  22. Cuts Like a Knife
  23. 18 Till I Die
  24. The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You
  25. ENCORE: Brand New Day
  26. ENCORE: C’mon Everybody! (cover)
  27. ENCORE: All Shook Up (cover)
  28. ENCORE: She Knows Me
  29. ENCORE: Straight From The Heart
  30. ENCORE: All For Love

Bryan Adams was saying how he has 13 albums and he hasn’t been to Singapore since 1993 so they decided to do more of the older stuff and that it would be a long night. It was a long night alright; the concert lasted for about 2 hours and 10 minutes! But I wish it could be longer even!! I totally don’t mind!! (^-^)

Bryan Adams is amazing live. I have never doubted that fact by just buying tickets to this concert without even knowing (or caring) if he was going to be doing the newer or old stuff. Bloody hell, he has a career that spans 42 (since 1975) and counting. You have to beyond amazing to have a career this long in the music industry.

One of the funniest moment in during the concert was when he was performing “18 Till I Die”. Bryan Adams is turning 57 in November 2017 so at one point, instead of singing “… sure feels good to be alive… some day I’ll be 18 goin’ on 55…” he stopped at “goin’ on” and the screen backdrop showed 57. Hahahaha.

Also. I must admit that after delving into kpop for the last 7 years, my playlist is now almost exclusively kpop nowadays. However, when all my favourite Bryan Adams songs was being performed, I still know every single word. And that is the power and longevity of his songs. Can your Oppa write songs like that? LOL.

Here are some clips from the concert. The visuals aren’t good coz I was on the tiers and using the phone… but it doesn’t really matter. Just listen!

I really, really, really loved it when it was just Bryan Adams solo on stage with the acoustic guitar and the entire audience is singing along. It’s so, so, so, so beautiful. T_T

So yeah, absolutely no regrets for dragging myself to attend this Bryan Adams concert. It was definitely the right thing to do in my current circumstance. It is my only normal in the madness during the last few months and the next few as well.

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