Cracked Luggage to Start a Short Getaway in Hong Kong (June 2017)

It’s been so crazy busy at work that I haven’t got the chance to do what I usually do. In fact, it’s only been about 2 weeks since I came back from Hong Kong for a short getaway but it felt like the trip happened last year or something.

Anyway, as I left for the airport in the morning, the dog looked so sad as I went out with the luggage and it just makes me feel bad about leaving.

Sad Koko
Sad Koko

The dog is too damn cute. I told her that I’d be gone for 4 nights so don’t wait by the door. And true enough, she understood and didn’t wait by the door. The last time I didn’t tell her the duration I’d be away for, my parents would send me photos of the dog sleeping by the door every night. 💖

Anyway, upon landing in Hong Kong, my friend noticed that there was a huge crack on my luggage.

Cracked Samsonite Cruisair
Cracked Samsonite Cruisair


Bloody hell. My luggage is a freaking Samsonite hard case and the baggage handlers in HKIA managed to crack it. How hard did they throw/fling my luggage? 😡

I was moaning about my cracked luggage for half the trip. I got this luggage when I was in Las Vegas in November 2015 and that model (Cruisair) is not available in Singapore. I really like this luggage a lot because it was the very nice squarish shape and it was 26″; a size that was just right for my height… as opposed to the 25″ (a bit small) or 29″ (too big and I can’t carry it) models available in Singapore.

I knew I had to submit a claim to the airline but I wasn’t sure how to go about doing it and given that I was in Hong Kong, I did what I knew; send a tweet to @SingaporeAir to ask what to do:

They responded pretty quickly on next steps.

So I had to send them the following information:

  1. photo of my cracked luggage,
  2. photos of boarding pass,
  3. photo of luggage tag,
  4. photo of front page of my passport,
  5. brand, age and value of the luggage,
  6. my address, and
  7. contact number.

My case was logged with the Singapore Airlines Hong Kong team on 31 May 2017 and upon my return (4 June 2017), I sent over the remaining information on 6 June 2017 and my case was transferred to the Singapore team on 7 June 2017. On 12 June 2017, their service partner (DnF Marketing & Services) came to pick up my luggage to assess the damage. About 2 days or so later, DnF Marketing & Services called back and said that the luggage can’t be repaired and that they’ll replace my Cruisair with the Aeris Comfort since the Cruisair wasn’t available in Singapore.

And after one missed delivery attempt on 16 June 2017, my replacement luggage arrived finally arrived today (18 June 2017)!

Samsonite Aeris Comfort
Samsonite Aeris Comfort

It’s slightly bigger than my previous luggage and while the shape isn’t as nice rectangular-ish that I like, I happy enough with the replacement overall. The turquoise was bright enough to be spotted from afar. Thank God I wasn’t just randomly given a black luggage (yes, I could choose the colour of the replacement).
From the point of reporting the incident, to me returning back to Singapore to furnish the rest of the information, the whole process took about 1.5 weeks; which is pretty awesome. I was wondering if I would need to buy another luggage for my trip to Seoul in July 2017 if this baggage claim wasn’t processed in time. Fortunately, everything was resolved so quickly and all is good.

Also, I realised that if I hadn’t waited to go back to Singapore before sending the SQ Baggage Services Team the rest of my information, they could have probably replaced the luggage while I was still in Hong Kong even! However, I figured that my trip was too short and the luggage wouldn’t fall apart on the way back to Singapore so I waited.

Regardless, the entire process was pretty smooth and 역시, it’s Singapore Airlines… a great way to fly!

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