Luggage Storage and Delivery Service in Seoul (July 2017)

This post is especially dedicated to all you international fangirls/boys out there.

SAFEX @ Hongik Station
SAFEX @ Hongik Station

When I passed through Hongik University Station as I arrived in Seoul last week, I found that there is now a baggage storage service WITHIN the train station at the AREX side! The last time I needed baggage storage service, it was outside the fare area and you needed to tap out from the fare gates to use the baggage storage service.

This would be incredibly useful for times when you are rushing to the various TV stations as you arrive or before you take your flight out of Seoul. That few minutes it takes to tap in and out is extremely crucial if you have ever had to make the mad dash; you’ll know how important that few minutes would mean.

Alternatively, you can just choose to store your luggage to do some shopping immediately when you land or before your night flight out.

I must add that there are quite a few luggage storage shops in the Hongdae area but yeah, this one within the station would be the most ideal when you are in a huge rush for time.

On top of that, this service also has a baggage/luggage delivery service to/from Incheon International Airport, Hongik University Station or Seoul Station and your hotel! According to the brochure, you’ll need to reserve this baggage delivery service in advance and you can do it on their website.

I must say that I haven’t used this service before but I’m pretty sure I’ll need it someday… and pretty soon as well I think. If anyone tried this baggage delivery service, do share what’s the experience like.

Finally, check out all the details on the SAFEX website!

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