RIP Chester Bennington

I woke up this morning to news that Chester Bennington of Linkin Park has died of an apparent suicide. First reaction was of shock. Then disbelief and as the news sank in, I cried.

Bloody hell. RIP Chester. I hope you are at peace and happy now. </3

Linkin Park has such a huge impact on everyone and there was no doubt that Chester’s screaming in all those Linkin Park songs made them such anthems that they are. I remember how everyone was trying to scream like Chester during those Meteora/Hybrid Theory days.

I was lucky enough to have met Chester back in 2005 at the MTV Asia Aid in Bangkok and he was such a nice and sweet guy. (Pardon the shit photo because back then, it was VGA camera phone and the quality…)

Chester Bennington Linkin Park
Chester Bennington Linkin Park

We did try to meet the rest of Linkin Park every time the band came to town and to be honest, we did notice that Chester had mood swings but we thought it was just a rock star thing so we didn’t think too much about it. We were so young back then so what did we really know about depression right?

With Tommy Page also dying in an apparent suicide earlier in March this year, I would really like to take this opportunity to say that while them celebrities and rock stars seems so cool and glamorous on stage and in magazines, they go through a lot of pain and suffering that you do not see so please always be respectful and kind to them as you would to any other human being. They are really not that much different from us behind all the make up, designer labels and flashing lights.

At the same time, just be kind to people always. Period. Don’t be mean and a troll on the internet for the fun of it. Unless it’s directed at @realDonaldTrump and his BS logic/policies.

Also, if you or know someone who is suicidal, give the people at Samaritans of Singapore a call at 1800 221 4444, any time, any day.

Life is worth living and there are still so many more concerts to attend and oppas to fangirl over. Don’t ever give up on life!

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