Grasshopper “Music Walker World Tour” Singapore 2017 Post Mortem

Grasshopper Music Walker World Tour Singapore 2017
Grasshopper Music Walker World Tour Singapore 2017

The 草蜢 (Grasshopper) Music Walker World Tour finally hit the shores of Singapore after nearly a year when it started in Genting Highland back in October 2016.

It doesn’t get old and I just can’t get enough. Their songs are such evergreen classics and almost 30 years later, their songs are still such ear worms. It’s one of the reasons for their longevity in the harsh and ultra competitive music entertainment business where youth is valued over most other qualities.

When the lights went out at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on 22 July 2017 at around 7.18 pm, it was just non-stop fun!

The concert ended at 9.51 pm and 2 minutes later, they came out for an encore.

Grasshopper Music Walker World Tour Singapore 2017
Grasshopper Music Walker World Tour Singapore 2017

It’s quite known among the Grasshopper concert regulars that they would come out for another encore (or 3 more) even after the house lights come on. LOL.

So when the concert ended and the house lights came on at 10.05 pm, some people started to leave and you can see about half the crowd didn’t leave. In fact, the “concert has ended” announcement came over the PA a few times but people just ignored the announcement and kept cheering non-stop.

And true enough, Grasshopper did come out to do 永远爱着你 as a second encore!

I managed to run down to the front for this second encore. LOL. Like I always do.

After this second encore, the venue staff had to literally shoo us out of the place. LOL. Coz everyone was wondering if they would come out again for another encore. Hahaha. But nah, 2 encores was it for this time.

Also, it was announced during the concert that their new concert tour “Live Goes On” starts in the Hong Kong at the Coliseum on 5 – 8 November 2017!! On top of that, Grasshoppers would also be playing at Genting Highlands on 31 December 2017 as a countdown party.


It’s going to be so fun for the Genting Highlands show but the logistics to and from Genting Highlands on those dates would be such a nightmare. 🙁

So Hong Kong it would be…. I guess? Hehehe.


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